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Studies & Degrees in Baltic Studies

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History is testament to the role assumed by certain bodies of water in the survival of ancient civilizations. In particular, the Baltic Sea was instrumental in the development of Baltic Societies since the rise of Roman Empire. The abundant waters provided livelihood to local dwellers harvesting fish. Not just that for it is also rich in amber particular on the Southern shores. More likely, these are traded with merchants in favour of some other items from neighbouring countries. No wonder, the Baltic region has been inimical to progress of European Trade in the present. Export of Russian Petroleum, for instance, relies on the Baltic Sea as its main trade route.

Thriving back to back with the Baltic Sea is the pool of Baltic States consists of national communities located along the coast. More often than not, these countries hold memberships in the Council of the Baltic Sea States established to respond on five priority areas of development such as economy, education and culture, energy, environment, and civil security alongside human dimension. Enlisted countries are further categorized either as member states or observer states. Among others though, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania represent this particular grouping of States hence the dominant languages are Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian. In the same way, these three comprise the Baltic Tigers of the European Union attributed to the economic boom successfully encountered in the 21st century.

Baltic Studies comprises another division of area studies utilizing the interdisciplinary approach of inquisition. Consequently, this field of study encompasses academic facets relating to the humanities and sociology of the Baltic States. In other words, it deals with an array of subjects such as Baltic arts, culture, geography, history, language, literature, philosophy, politics, sociology, and many other related disciplines. The comprehensive scope further extends to three major Baltic constituents such as Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. As a result, Baltic studies branch out to equally interesting faculties consist of Estonian Studies, Latvia Studies, and Lithuanian Studies.

For Baltic studies, the academe offers many relevant course programs. In fact, it is tendered both in graduate and undergraduate schools in colleges and universities such as University of Latvia, University of Tartu, and University of Washington. Relevant bachelor’s degree programs include Baltic Studies, Baltic Management Studies, and Baltic Language and Literature Studies. Graduate specializations consist of a Master in Baltic Sea Region Studies, a Master of Political Science in Baltic Region Studies, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Scandinavian Area Studies. Short courses may also be offered such as Certification programs in Baltic Studies.

Employment privileges await Baltic Studies degree holders worldwide. Research pursuits comprise an interesting career niche to competent professionals. Academic institutions are also home to pertinent projects such as Centre for Baltic Studies (University of Tartu), Baltic Studies Summer Institute (University of Washington), and Centre for Baltic Studies (University of Latvia). Non-governmental organizations like the Institute of Baltic Studies dedicated to research and development efforts for improvement of public policy may generate job opportunities. Also, national governments dealing with Baltic States are likely to hire specialists for proposition and negotiation purposes.