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Studies & Degrees in Work Education

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Do you currently work in a field in which you are responsible for the training, teaching and/or supervising of others in the workplace—a field in which you teach skills-based subjects to youth or adults?  Would you be interested in a degree program that could help you advance in your current position and increase your knowledge and skills base?  Work education, an undergraduate degree program now being offered in many countries throughout the world, is designed for professionals who are involved in work-based education—teachers and trainers who help prepare students and adults to succeed in a number of different career positions.  To help you become more familiar with this growing degree track, below we will briefly discuss the Bachelor program in Work Education, including the primary target group, admission requirements and the course content associated with the program.
Work Education:  Target Group and Admission Requirements
The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Work Education (also called Vocational Education) is specifically intended for individuals who currently teach and train others in work-based education and/or for those that desire to enter this type of field in the future.  From people teaching or wanting to teach vocational or continuing education courses to high school students and adults, to those involved in putting on competency workshops and seminars, the Bachelor program in Work Education helps provide the necessary skills and credentials to succeed in these fields.  Career professionals who can benefit from this degree program include:
  • ROP Instructors
  • Law Enforcement Trainers and Instructors
  • Fire Department Instructors
  • Public Utility Educators
  • Human Resources Program Managers and Trainers
  • Health Occupations Instructors
  • Adult Education/Community College Instructors
  • Career and Vocational Counselors and Educators
  • School-to-Career Special Education Teacher Aides
  • Military Trainers
  • Job Training Instructors
To be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Arts program in Work Education students must possess, at minimum, a high school diploma or its equivalent.  Prerequisites for the course will vary depending on the institution, but all students will need to achieve a passing score on the university writing requirement prior to admission.
Bachelor of Arts in Work Education
Like most undergraduate degree programs, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Work Education is a four to five-year course of study involving both core courses and general education.  General education requirements typically include introductory-level courses in subjects such as college mathematics, composition, natural and physical sciences, social and behavioral studies, communication and speech.   As for the core courses, while the class titles may vary from one university to the next, they may include topics such as:
  • Introduction to Vocational Education and Adult Education
  • Statistics and Research Design for Work Education
  • Principles of Adult and Vocational Education
  • Assessment Procedures in Work Education
  • Lesson Planning and Instructional Techniques in Work Education
  • Instructional Media and Technology
  • Adult and Vocational Education in Contemporary Society
  • And many more…
In the final semester of the program, most institutions will require students to participate in a 6-10 week period of directed student teaching.  Professionals who are already working in the field, however, can often substitute their experience to meet this requirement.