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Those who celebrate victory are bloodthirsty but the bloodthirsty must never have their way with the world.

- Sun Tzu

Now, the keyword there is must, which means that someone has to make an effort to stop them -whoever they are. The September 11 attack on the twin towers literally brought good business to private and government security agencies alike. Profit generation even got better after former U.S. president George Bush signed the Patriot Act which basically removes almost all restrictions to law enforcement methods that are considered to be unethical or illegal. Such as indefinite detention to suspected individuals, warrant-less searches and of course the regulation of transactions regarding individuals and firms that would definitely help the U.S. in protecting itself against terrorism. To put it quite it simply, business is looking good. Naturally, most governments are commonly short handed when it comes to such actions. This is why on most occasions they seek the help of private contractors to help them out with specific cases. A person with a background on Defense and Strategic Studies would definitely be wanted for such endeavors. Since the study mostly involves intelligence analysis, arms control policies, missile proliferation development etc. and anything at all that has to do with national security and defense policies that would definitely help the overall national security of a certain country.

A job in public service with this course under one’s belt commonly lands a desk job. The work is basically composed of defense program analysis (neighborhood watch scheme developments, report hotline generation etc.) But if you’re in it for the action, we severely recommend in having a military background beforehand. Thankfully most national military academies offer this particular study as a degree. Since not only will you get the degree, you would also receive basic and advanced military training. With this under your belt the private sector would be more than glad to welcome you with numerous opportunities. The common job for this course while working under the private sector would be as a security consultant. Where you may choose to stay at home or sign up with off shore outfits. Working at home may be considered as monotonous but also lucrative. It usually involves formulating new strategic security measures for private clients or developing new insights and analyzing existing security strategies.

Working abroad is also a possibility although most firms usually use a more hands on approach. Specifically because most firms work on conflict prone continents such as the Middle East whose oil refineries are always in need of guarding. Also there are companies who deal in manufacturing and transporting weapons to various clients all over the world which requires people who are knowledgeable about arms embargo laws for certain national borders.

Some outfits also hire strategic analysts for training their field personnel and on most occasions employ them to scout out certain fields and situations regarding the security of a particular venture.

To sum it all up there is a high demand for people with such knowledge especially now with the ongoing escalation of combat in the Gaza strip between Israel and Palestine. Plus North Korea stepping up with its missiles and boldly breaking the South’s naval borders, business is definitely looking good. But again, also according to Sun Tzu; only those who know the evils of war would know how to profit from it.

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