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Are you a graduate student interested in studying some of the ancient Indian languages and literature?  Have you considered pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Telugu?  Students pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Telugu have the unique opportunity to study one of India’s four classical languages, Telugu, which has the third-largest number of speakers in India. It is a South-Central Dravidian language spoken primarily in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, where it is an official language.  It is also spoken in the neighboring states if Chattisgarth, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa and Tamil Nadu, as well as the bordering city of Yanam in the territory of Pondicherry.   To help you become more familiar with this degree program and what it entails, below we will describe the Master of Arts degree program in Telugu in a bit more detail, including some of the courses and the topics the program will cover, as well as the eligibility requirements for admission.
Master of Arts Degree in Telugu:  Course Content and Description
The Master of Arts degree in Telugu is a two-year graduate program designed for students who wish to become more familiar with the Telugu language and literature.  While the class titles during each of these two years may vary from one institution to the next, the course content is very similar.  Some of the modules/topics students may encounter while participating in the program include:
  • Telugu Literary Appreciation and Criticism.  This module will focus on the study of the principles and theories of literary criticism as applied to Telugu Literature. Students will be initiated to the Telugu literary tradition, giving them the opportunity to read and appreciate a variety of texts, while laying emphasis on the principles of Chandassu and Alankaaraalu.
  • Telugu Prose (Non-Fiction). In this module students will study various forms of Telugu prose (non-fiction). Different genres of the Telugu literature like essays, letters, travelogues, biographies will be studied. This will enable them to know more about the authors, their lives, works and their contribution to Telugu Literature. The works of Chalam, Narla, Krishna, and Sastri will enable the students to enjoy and appreciate this non-fiction prose.
  • Ancient Telugu Poetry.  This module will acquaint students with the various forms of ancient poetry. The focus will be on some selected works of famous poets like Tikkana, Errana, Raghunatha, Bhupaludu and Shri Krishna Devarayalu. Emphasis will also be laid on the trends prevalent in Telugu poetry during the ancient period.
  • Sanskrit Influence on Telugu Literature. This module briefly introduces students to the basics of the Sanskrit Language and will enable them to assess the influence of Sanskrit on Telugu Language and literature.
  • And more…
Master of Arts Degree in Telugu:  Admission Requirements
Students who wish to pursue a Master of Arts Degree in Telugu must possess at least a Bachelor of Arts degree in an approved language and/or literature field, with a combined grade point average of 2.7 or better in all core coursework.