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Are you a student of Hinduism or other Asian religions and interested in becoming more familiar with the language used primarily in the Hindu liturgy and religious texts?  If so, you may want to consider pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Applied Sanskrit.  The Master of Arts degree in Applied Sanskrit is a course of study designed to provide students with a thorough and in depth education, not only in the Sanskrit language, but also in the various applications in which an intimate knowledge of Sanskrit is essential.  To give you a better idea with regard to what you can expect while participating in this program, below we will describe the M.A. degree in Applied Sanskrit in a bit more detail, including the eligibility requirements and duration of the program, the course description and some of the employment prospects for qualified graduates.
Applied Sanskrit:  Program Duration and Eligibility Requirements
The Master of Arts degree program in Applied Sanskrit is typically a two-year, full-time course of study.  The program is available at several of India’s most prestigious universities, as well as at a select number of universities in countries throughout the eastern and western world.
Students who wish to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Applied Sanskrit must possess, at minimum, a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Sanskrit language.  In addition to this, most universities will also require students to undergo a personal interview with the faculty before securing admission into the program.
Master of Arts Degree in Applied Sanskrit:  Course Description
Students pursuing the Master of Arts degree in Applied Sanskrit receive an advanced education in both the Sanskrit language and its applications.  Sanskrit is a historical Indo-Aryan language and the primary liturgical language of Hinduism.  It is also a literary and scholarly language in Jainism and Buddhism, one of the twenty-two scheduled languages of India and the official language of the state of Ultarakhat.
Some of the courses and topics students are likely to encounter while earning their M.A. in Applied Sanskrit include:
  • Advanced principles of the Sanskrit language
  • Selected texts from the Sanskrit epic
  • Classical Sanskrit court literature
  • Sanskrit texts of the Hindu faith and liturgy
  • Buddhist Sanskrit texts
  • Directed readings in Sanskrit
  • Introduction to Prakrit
  • Directed readings in Prakrit
  • And many more…
Employment Prospects and Scope of the Master of Arts Degree in Applied Sanskrit
Generally speaking, the Master of Arts degree in Applied Sanskrit is a very specialized field of study, one in which most students study purely out of love for the subject area.  However, by earning this degree, students will become eligible to work in a variety of fields, particularly in the education sector as teachers and professors of Sanskrit and Hindu Studies, and as educational researchers.  In addition, there are many Hindu religious institutions, both in India and in other countries around the globe, where a Sanskrit degree may qualify graduates to compete for employment positions.