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We talk of Polymer the rubber- the widely used commodity for vehicle buffs; Polymer the plastic-the most common material and one of the great breakthroughs of the modern world; and Polymer Science the course that is taken in schools as anchor throughout the span of the graduate’s career.

This time we give more consideration to polymer as course in school. The course is the study in polymer, a compound of plastics and rubbers, dedicated to the field of chemistry that deals with plastic materials, synthetic fibers and plastic. The science of the study of polymer is often times termed macromolecular science which is categorized into polymer physics, polymer chemistry, and polymer characterization.

Students are introduced to polymer; its basic phenomena and systematic explanations in the physical behavior; enables the students to get acquainted to the design, scientific principles and structure, and its conduct to the physical world. Studies are concerned with

1. free radical polymerization kinetics,

2. kinetic chain;

3. nature of scientific writing and report;

4. molecular weight determination;

5. polymer as random coils in dilute solution;

6. effect of plasticization, etc.

The Polymer Science involves two or more different subjects or areas of learning which comprise chemical, physical, engineering, processing, and theoretical feature. The goal of the course is to provide the basis for the formation and classification of polymeric substance and comprehension for structure and property relationship. Having polymer science increase the value of the daily life of man, modern functional materials, gears, and devices became its basic parts.

As rudimentary requirement, students should have understanding of chemistry and interest to study polymer and material science. On the other hand, professionals are heartened to study the course as developmental process to their profession, and serves as experience enhancement.

Modules were developed for use by students. These cover a broad area of subjects and business of interests from polymer engineering, physics, chemistry, biomaterials, and nanotechnology. It is being understood that polymer are very essential materials that make life effectively organized, unusual, and pleasurable. Man has all the elements he need in life from transport vehicles or aircrafts down to the smallest yet smart mobile phones. Polymer science is the reason for having all these sophisticated materials created. The heavy indebtedness of man for having to light the nature of polymer is genetically from school, educator, and learner.

Whatever the interest we have, polymer is wise choice as the discipline for learning. The reason is the vast field of opportunities lying ahead to students. As it is, polymer directs its route toward plastic and rubber industries. As a vivid illustration to polymer championship in the field, there is the application in plastic wall or building parts, and the manufacture of vehicle tires using the inherent polymer physical substance. Polymer’s extraordinary quality is its being able to process and create different designs and shapes from its physical nature.

Polymers are everything around: paper products, medical products, polyvinyl chloride blood pressure cuffs, polyester and nylon materials, and toys. Polymers are used as essential element in the structural part of the A380 Super Jumbo Jet, and the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It is highly expected that aircraft fuselage would be made of carbon fibre composites, a polymer strength-commanding compound.

If Polymer Science is not around, Madame Shopper would be having her grocery items kept in disposable bags that become messy and trash after use.