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Do you possess an interest in Biblical studies, the ministry or just seeking to deepen your understanding of the various Christian religions and doctrines?  Have you considered pursuing an undergraduate degree in Christian Studies—a program that introduces students to the key figures, places, events and themes of both the Old Testament and New Testament?  The Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Studies is ideal for students with a deep interest in Christianity and the manner in which this faith has evolved since its inception.  The program requires no previous theological training and will reward you with a greater appreciation of theology and its impact on the world around you.
The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Studies:  Overview
The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Studies is an undergraduate program that is now being offered at many renowned colleges and universities throughout the world.  The program, which typically spans four years in duration and consists of 120 combined credits, teaches students how to utilize biblical studies as the foundation, and the understanding of theology, philosophy and Christian history as the framework, for communicating Christ to various audiences.  In addition to the spiritual formation and exegetical skills that are integral to the Christian Studies program, graduates will also be able to employ the effective communication, leadership and organizational skills required for effective ministry.
The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Studies:  Coursework
The core and elective coursework in the Christian Studies undergraduate degree program explores a variety of topics and concepts, including theology, missions, world religions and ministry, each of which is essential in helping students succeed in the Christian Studies field following graduation.  Although the exact titles of these courses may vary from one institution to the next, they may include classes with names such as:
  • Old Testament Historical Perspectives.  This course features an introductory historical survey of the Old Testament, with attention given to the study of the Bible itself, its institutions, its literature, and the history of the national life of the Hebrew people from earliest times to the close of the Old Testament period.
  • New Testament Historical Perspectives.  This course begins with the inter-biblical period and places an emphasis on the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, along with the development of Christian faith and perspectives throughout this historical era.
  • World Religions.  This course takes a closer look at Christian religions from around the world, including the various Abrahamic religions, Eastern Orthodoxy and other Christian-based faiths in the world society.
  • Ethical Thinking in Liberal Arts.  This course explores the role ethical thinking plays in the liberal arts, focusing on topics set in historic, literary, artistic, political, philosophical, religious, social and scientific perspectives.
Naturally, this is but a small sample of the courses students will encounter as participants in the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Christian Studies.  The program also focuses on topics such as Moses and the Prophets; Jesus, the Disciples and their interpreters; biblical interpretation and application; systematic and contemporary theology; and the history of Christianity as we know it today.