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Studies & Degrees in Trade & Services

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Are you thinking about entering one of the many trade and services industries once you complete your education, perhaps as a manager or supervisor of some kind?  Would you be interested in pursuing a degree that is designed around these industries and their management—degrees that could help you hit the ground running and excel in your field of choice following graduation?  If so, you may be a perfect candidate for the undergraduate degree program in Trade and Services Management.  To help you become a bit more familiar with this program, below we will provide a brief synopsis of the Trade and Services Management degree, including a course description, the typical entrance requirements and some of the coursework you are likely to encounter while participating in the program.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Trade and Services Management:  Course Description
The Bachelor of Arts degree in Trade and Services Management is an undergraduate program offered by a select number of colleges and universities around the world.  The program typically spans four to five years in duration, depending on course availability, and consists of approximately 120 total credit hours, including the general education requirements of the institution.
A Trade and Services Management degree is ideal for students looking to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as sector professionals in the various trade and services industries.  The degree helps prepare students for management roles that cover a variety of important service sectors, ranging from food services to healthcare and from retail sales to hospitality and tourism, giving them the tools and confidence to both work with an lead people as part of an overall service team.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Trade and Services Management:  Eligibility Requirements
Students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Trade and Services Management must possess at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.  Some institutions may also require students to take and pass an entrance examination prior to being considered for admission.  Other skills that will help students succeed in the program include:
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • A strong capacity for building and leading teams
  • Superb organizational abilities
  • Patience and the ability to truly listen
  • Motivational skills
  • And more…
These skills will not only help students succeed in the classroom, they are also imperative to a graduate’s success upon graduation.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Trade and Services Management:  Coursework
The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Trade and Services Management includes both core and elective coursework, the latter of which allows students to focus on specific skills and/or industries in which they have a particular interest.  Some of these core and elective courses include:
  • Management of Culture, Leisure and Sport.  This course focuses on the management of cultural and recreational services and activities. These include special events as well as the day-to-day services provided by institutions such as sports facilities and museums.
  • Human and Financial Resource Management.  This management-based course helps to equip students with frameworks, theories and strategies related to optimizing both financial and human resources.
  • Service Economics.  Students in this course are provided an introduction to relevant economic theories and are trained to assess costs, develop budgets and to manage financial assets.
  • Service Marketing.  This course trains students to conduct market research and analysis and to select the most appropriate options based on that analysis from a wide range of service marketing strategies.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management. This course explores the unique challenges of management professionals working in tourism and hospitality—particularly the need to keep clients comfortable and at ease throughout their stay or trip and the subsequent need for constant and effective management of employees and operations.
As you can see, students who graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Trade and Services Management do so with a wealth of new knowledge and skills—information that will be crucial to their success as managers and leaders in their respective companies.