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Are you seeking a professional career position in which your knowledge and skills with regard to current and emerging technologies can help a company, regardless of the industry, become more effective and successful?  Have you considered pursuing a degree in the exciting field of Industrial Technology?  With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology graduates are armed with all the skills and information they need to further their career goals.  To help you become more familiar with this degree track, below we have described the program in a bit more detail, including a brief course description, the class offerings students will encounter while participating in the program, and the opportunities available for graduates.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology:  Course Description
The Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology is an undergraduate program now being offered by hundreds of universities around the world, typically spanning three to four years in duration, depending on the institution.  The program, which involves both core and elective courses in addition to the university’s general education requirements, is designed to prepare students to assume technical leadership responsibilities in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, communications, and utility services.  Students who enjoy the teamwork aspect that’s involved in solving technical problems are especially well-suited for this degree, and the elective courses offered through the program, in fields such as sales, marketing, training, production, facilities, packaging and quality assurance, will allow them to focus their studies on industries in which they have a particular interest.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology:  Coursework
As mentioned above, the coursework for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology includes both core and elective classes.  The exact titles of the classes may vary from one institution to the next, but they may include courses such as:
  • Industrial Power Systems.  This course provides an introduction to the various systems that supply energy, convert energy to power, transmit energy and power, and use energy to drive industrial enterprises.
  • Problem Solving with Computer Aided Design (CAD).  This class covers the fundamental theory and practice of technical design and communication and management of information systems, focusing on both two-dimensional and three-dimensional design strategies for solving industry-specific problems.
  • Manufacturing Processes.  This course places an emphasis in shaping metallic products. In addition to other aspects of the course, students will learn how to use precision measuring, technical drawings and safety equipment, as they apply to metal machining, welding, casting and sheet metal fabrication.
  • Industrial Materials.  In this course, students will learn about the structure, applications and limitations of select industrial materials, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, ceramics, glasses, composites and organic materials.
Opportunities for Graduates
Graduates who successfully complete the B.S. program in Industrial Technology can use their new-found knowledge and skills to compete for positions in a variety of industries, including the services and maintenance sectors; engineering; manufacturing; transportation, construction; aviation and aerospace; petrochemical; education; architecture; safety; quality control; and drafting and design.

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