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The term “red carpet” is now synonymous to “prestige.” The most prestigious awards in the world are given in occasions that are held in world famous venues. What usually connotes a prestigious and elite venue? Carpet! This is why we often hear “red carpet premier,” “red carpet celebration,” and the phrase “only the greatest ones walk down the red carpet,” etc. Turkey is famous for its glamorous carpet designs.

Carpet has been known to promote the compelling visual appeal of a place. Even in private residences, floor is considered to be one of the most important interior elements that can make or break the total appeal of the house. Although carpet is usually associated with floors, it is also widely used in walls and upholstery.

There are general types of Carpet Design. The one that uses vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines in repetition to create a form is called the “geometric design.” “Floral design,” on the other hand, is the one that makes use of flower, petals, and leaves. This is one of the earliest types and is known to express nature, love, femininity, and romance. The design of a carpet can mirror the culture of the place. Tribal groups design their carpets with tribal theme to signify the point of origin. “Abstract design” is the one that expresses free flowing ideas through whatever shape, color, or concept to create a design that may be easily or not-so-easily distinguished by its viewers.

Carpet Design is mostly a personalized service. Designers are usually contracted to come up with carpets or carpet designs that would match the place in terms of theme, environment, occasion, motif, and existing set of furniture and paint. This is why Carpet Design courses also include units in interior design to be capable of ending up with perfect blend. In the case of designers who are contracted for specialized or personalized designs, the proprietary right is transferred to the customer after payment or endorsement. That is, the designer can no longer sell the same design to other customers. This is part of the price package. Hotels and other elegant establishments usually contract famous carpet designers to create a unique design for them, and the carpet, in this case, is usually handmade – emphasizing the work of a designer in a piece of art. Carpets that are made for commercial or bulk market distribution, on the other hand, are usually machine-made. Apart from the speed in doing this as compared to handmade, it also paves the way for precise uniformity of design from one piece to another.

Designing a carpet can be done in two ways. This can be done from mind directly to the carpet material, especially in the case of handmade carpets. Another way is to have the design in a cartoon, either via manual drawing or with the use of today’s available design tools, like AutoCADD. A cartoon is a paper where the design is drawn. In the latter approach, the one who does the design does not necessarily have to be the one to actually do the weaving.

There are competitions for handmade Carpet Design. The 4th Carpet Design Awards (CDA), for instance, shelled out 10,000 Euros worth of prizes in this year’s competition, with the aim of recognizing talents in the industry, who were able to please the jury with the creativity, uniqueness, quality, and fashion of their handmade carpets.

The talent and skills in Carpet Design can be learned in schools offering carpet design courses. This field is, in a way, related to textile design – but different specialization. Carpet Design programs include understanding the interior design, theme, occasion, people, culture, and environment. One must also learn to embrace the aid of technology in the general design industry. The use of computer-aided design systems helps designers to come up with precise, easily editable, and fast design.