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Studies & Degrees in Persian Language and Literature (in Universities)

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“On, sons of Greeks, set free your fatherland, your children, wives, home of your ancestors, temples of your gods! Save all or all is lost!” This is the infamous battle cry of the Greeks on the Battle of Salamis which seems to be the highlight of the Greco-Persian Wars which was initially told by the Father of History, Herodotus. In the same way, it has been the main attraction in the great battle story, The Persians.

Although the play happens to be a Greek novel, it nonetheless showcases the bravery and courage of the Persian armies in warfare. Not just that, this ancient Iranian civilization has its own compilation of equally eminent literary masterpieces inspired by its genuine language.

History best tells of the inherent greatness attributed on Persian Literature. As a matter of fact, it has been a renowned art way back in 522 BCE which revolves on the life of Darius and Xerxes being the great empire royalties. Development in ancient writings came about in the medieval period upon the introduction of the Islamic faith. No wonder, it has produced historical selections of poems, essays, novels, biographies, hagiographies, critiques, and stories. Among its pool of authors, the Sufi order was renowned globally for its poets. No wonder, it even came into the attention of the legendary William Shakespeare who referred to Persia as the “land of the Sophy”.

In the same way, Persian language is another remarkable element of the Iranian culture. This ancient tongue is even spoken in the Old Iran Period. What is even more interesting is that the language was preserved in the Middle and Modern ages hence its designation as “the only Iranian language.” Although of Persian roots, it has been widely used in Middle East and Central Asia, too. In turn, it is spoken in eleven more countries such as Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Iranian Diaspora. Not just that for it is likewise regarded as the official language of Afghanistan and Tajikistan apart from its home country.

There is no doubt Persian language and literature has created a significant influence in World History. No wonder, it is being offered as an undergraduate course program in the academe not to mention its graduate program counterpart. Relevant academic programs include Persian Language and Literature Studies, Persian Cultural Heritage Studies, and Iran History and Culture Studies. Consequently, it is tendered in universities worldwide such as University of Calcutta (India), University of Kashan (Iran), Leiden University (Netherlands), Washington University (United States), and Persian Language and Literature Studies (United States).

Persian language and literature specialists have extensive career opportunities. In particular, research activities can provide a green pasture for them considering the continuous inquiry on ancient Persia as one of the greatest civilizations of the world. Another attractive niche is the academe where graduates can strive for teaching pursuits on this matter including world history in general. Other employment privileges include museum administration, historical tourism coordination, Persian language translation, etc. Indeed, there are many different institutions that await experts on Persian Language and Literature.