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Are you a student interested in the study of plants, particularly in the study of plant diseases and their causes?  Have you considered pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Plant Pathology?  In the Bachelor of Science degree program in Plant Pathology you’ll have the unique opportunity to study and learn about plant diseases and the pathogens that cause those diseases.  Graduates of this degree are currently in demand, especially in areas of the world that depend on the agricultural and forestry industries as a significant part of their economy. If this sounds interesting to you, below, below you will find a brief course description of the Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Pathology and an introduction into some of the coursework you’ll encounter while participating in the program.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Plant Pathology
As mentioned above, the Bachelor of Science Degree in Plant Pathology is a program that takes an in-depth look at plant diseases and their causes.  The program, which typically spans three to four year in duration depending on the institution, is currently being offered by hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the world.  It involves core and elective coursework, the latter allowing students to focus on topics/areas that are of particular interest to them.  Like all undergraduate degree programs, students must also satisfy the general education requirements laid out by the specific college or university, taking these classes either before the core and elective coursework or simultaneously with the required program material.
By its very nature, the study of plant pathology is a multidisciplinary field, one that integrates microbiology, plant science, environmental science and other disciplines.  It covers many different areas of study, including the fundamental biology of plant pathogens, plant genetics and molecular biology of disease resistance, plant disease management, epidemiology, plant pathogen ecology, and biological control.
To be eligible to enroll in the Bachelor of Science Degree program in Plant Pathology students must possess, at minimum, a high school diploma or its equivalent and be in good standing with the college or university.  Some institutions may also require a passing score on an entrance examination, either as a prerequisite for program admission or for admission into the university itself.
Coursework for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Plant Pathology
The core coursework for the Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Pathology is fairly standard from one institution to the next.  Among other classes, it includes:
  • General Chemistry and Chemistry Lab
  • Survey of Calculus with Applications in Statistical Methods
  • Organic Chemistry I and II
  • Introductory Physics
  • Plant Biology
  • Introduction to Plant Physiology
  • Biology of Fungi
  • Introduction to Plant Genetics
  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • Plant Pathology and Disease Pathogens
  • Diseases and Insects of Forest and Shade Trees
  • Undergraduate Seminar and Research
In addition to the core coursework listed above, students will also need to choose from a variety of elective courses, including, but not limited to, Introduction to Crop Science, Introduction to Forestry, Principles of Horticulture, Principles Weed Science, Ecology and the Fundamentals of Soil and Landscape Science.