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Studies & Degrees in Computational Methods

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Computation is an act of computing or calculating with the use of computers. Thus when you say computational methods, you are referring to a set of methods or procedures in scientific computing. In computational linguistics, for instance, you will find that this is a linguistic research and application that involve the use of computation or computers, with methods that include new programs or methods of computational analysis that may facilitate the interpretation of obtained data.

The birth of computers has given rise to programs of study on computational methods in various educational institutions. These are mostly offered under their departments for engineering, economics, finance, or statistics. The University of Leicester in the United Kingdom offers a postgraduate diploma program in Advanced Computational Methods for one or 16 months, focusing on the design, analysis and engineering of algorithms or the step-by-step procedures for solving or modeling real problems. The core courses of the program include algorithms for bioinformatics, programming and advanced algorithm design, game theory in computer science, personal and group skills, discrete event systems, and networking and distributed computing. In Norway, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology offers a doctoral degree program for computational methods specific to structural dynamics under the Department of Structural Engineering. A part of the program content includes a description and modeling of the structures’ dynamic properties, analysis of vibrations, the methods for the calculation of dynamic response, and dynamic stability.

A module on Advanced Computational Methods is offered by the School of Engineering Sciences of the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom for students with a good understanding of modern high-performance computing, who want to be familiarized with high-performance computing techniques, and who want to know how high performance can be achieved on modern computer architecture. After completion of the module, students are expected to understand software development processes, the so-called parallel programming, writing parallel algorithms, with the use of industry-standard programming, and different methods of computation in relation to parallel programs.

The other programs on computing include a graduate level program in Computational Biology under the Center for Computational Biology in the University of California in Berkeley, which concentrates on molecular and cell biology, concepts in computing with data, and statistical computing, along with other courses, a Master’s degree program in Financial Software Engineering, under the Department of Computational Finance and Economic Agents of the University of Essex, also in the United Kingdom, that enables students to attain a high level of competence in software development, and a program for Computational Methods for Commodities in the Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics of the Birkbeck University of London. The course helps students acquire a critical understanding of the results of scientific researches, and a thorough review of recent developments in commodities modeling with the needed methods of computation.