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Are you a graduate student who is passionate about studying the various schools of philosophical thought and the birth of civilization?  Have you considered pursuing a doctorate degree in Ancient Philosophy?   Whether your interests are academic in nature or merely personal, perhaps for enrichment purposes, earning a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Ancient Philosophy is a great way to enhance your career prospects and your improve your outlook on life.  Here we will discuss the PhD in Ancient Philosophy in a bit more detail, including a brief description of the program and some information regarding the coursework you’re likely to encounter while participating in the program.
Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Ancient Philosophy:  Course Description and Goals
The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Ancient Philosophy is a post-graduate-level program designed for students who share both a personal and academic interest in the ancient thinkers and the schools of thought they founded.  This course of study, which generally spans two to four years depending on the student and institution, features an in-depth look at the ancient philosophers and their never-ending pursuit of the “good life”—the capacity to live as well as one may as a rational and conscientious being.  Students in the PhD program in Ancient Philosophy are encouraged to appreciate what it means to be a philosopher and a lover of wisdom, and are given tools for learning how to live a philosophic life that will contribute not only to their own well-being, but to the state of humanity as well.
The goals of the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Ancient Philosophy include:
  • Introducing program participants to how the major ancient thinkers addressed the question of how human beings should secure the good life and live well.
  • Developing a comprehension of significant philosophical concepts—the concepts of happiness, desire, virtue, love, pleasure and good—required to complete the above-named task.
  • Familiarizing students with key texts penned by some of the most notable ancient philosophers, including Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus and Epictetus.
  • Developing and perfecting the reasonable and analytical skills regularly employed by the ancient thinkers.
Those who complete the PhD program in Ancient Philosophy can use their skills in a number of career areas, including the fields of education (teaching, curriculum development and administration); civil service; research; local government; charities and non-profits; journalism and publishing. 
Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Ancient Philosophy:  Coursework
Students enrolled in the Doctor of Philosophy Degree program in Ancient Philosophy can often work with their graduate advisor to design a program that matches their interests and capabilities.  The coursework from which they can choose will involve studies in both the key philosophical concepts and the ancient philosophers themselves, with class titles that may include:
  • Introduction to the Concepts of Good, Pleasure and Happiness According to the Ancient Philosophers
  • Desire, Virtue and knowledge
  • The Good of Others
  • Introduction to Plato
  • Introduction to Aristotle
  • The Philosophy of Epicurus
  • The Philosophy of the Stoic Epictetus
  • And more…
Once students have completed all the required coursework, which in most programs totals 60 semester credits, they will need to present—and have approved—a dissertation topic and will later have to present and defend their dissertation to the Philosophy faculty.