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Are you interested in learning new languages and the various ways those languages can be applied?  Do you plan to enter a career in which your knowledge of languages may benefit you in our increasingly global economy?  If so, you may want to consider earning an undergraduate degree in Applied Languages.  To help you better understand what will be expected of you as a participant in this program, below we have compiled a brief synopsis of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Languages, including a course overview and a sample of some of the classes that are typically required for this program, in addition to the general education requirements of your college or university.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Languages:  Course Overview
The Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Languages is an undergraduate program spanning three to five years depending on the student and the institution he or she attends.  It is designed for students who wish to study the various applications of languages and how they can be used effectively in a multicultural environment.  Students study, at minimum, two languages, and can choose from French, Italian, Spanish, German, Mandarin or English as a Foreign Language.  They must begin the program with at least an A2 level ranking in one of the languages they plan to study, but may begin the second language from scratch.
The B.A. program in Applied Languages places a strong emphasis on the vocational element, allowing students to explore how their language skills can benefit them in the workplace.  Students interested in International Business, for example, can take business-related courses, while future educators can concentrate their efforts on teaching English as a Foreign Language.  Through coursework and translation exercises students will gain practical experience in applying their new-found language skills—experience that will later prove beneficial to them as they transition into a professional atmosphere.  The program culminates with a dissertation in which students will be asked to complete a practical project; a project that may involve anything from translating a document to subtitling a foreign film.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Languages:  Coursework
While earning their Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Languages students will study compulsory language units from at least two languages throughout the degree program.  In addition they must take a series of foundation courses in linguistics, learning how language functions in contemporary society.  In year two of the program students will continue the study of linguistics, but will also delve into studies of communications, with courses in subjects such as career development, research management and teaching English as a Foreign Language.
The exact course titles in the B.A. program in Applied Languages may vary slightly from one institution to the next, but they may include:  Language for Professional Communication; Discourse Analysis; Forensic Linguistics; Managing Languages across Cultures;  Experiential Learning; Translation Theory and Practice; ELT and Technology; Communication-Theories and Systems; Creative Activities in the Language-Learning Classroom; and Language Interpretation.
While most institutions require the completion of a practical capstone project towards the conclusion of the program, some allow students the option of taking a comprehension examination in lieu of this requirement.