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Studies & Degrees in Therapeutics

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The area of medical science which deals with the breakthrough and appliance of medications for various diseases is known as therapeutics, it involves the different ways of care and treatment in order to fight diseases and ease the injuries and pains.

The tools of Therapeutics comprise of surgery, drugs, radiation therapy, psychiatry, diet, and mechanical devices. The process of treatment may be active, in curing a certain disease, such requires no auxiliary treatment upon the recovery of the patient, the treatment can also be for a long term period, or for healing a wound; indicative, to alleviate symptoms till the body’s immune system heals; Therapeutics is also supportive, in keeping the functions of the body going till the full elimination of the disease, it is also a soothing approach, in order to lessen the discomfort felt by the patients who has no chances for full recoveries. It always includes prevention as well, typically tertiary. The measures of Therapeutics can be selected, pooled, and modified based on the precise analysis to suit the patient. Such measures are holistic medicine, chemotherapy, nuclear medicine, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation, physical medicine, respiratory therapy and psychotherapy.

The course of Therapeutics aims to provide the general practitioners with a realistic knowledge on Therapeutics which is very significant and applicable for their everyday practices. The course will also help the participants gain familiarization with the latest relevant and evidence based a guidelines in various areas of Therapeutics. For the duration of the course, the participants will then build up their own personal approaches and assess and enhance the quality of the care delivered in one specific area of the field. The course normally takes one year to finish by means of e-learning combined with workshops.

The objectives of Therapeutics course for the students are the following:

  • Recognize the options and targets as well as medications for the illness conditions.
  • Identify various drugs or drug groups, they should also be able to list down the alternative drugs and drug groups if needed.
  • Discuss all the drug mechanism actions.
  • Describe the aspects which are clinically important in drug disposition.
  • Describe different treatment schedules like the routes, intervals and doses and the precise plans of monitoring and furthermore.

  • Articulate the information on important drug interactions, patient populations which are at risk and the side effect profiles.

Practitioners of Therapeutics deliver a distinctive variety of service deliverance in terms of treatment, recreation participation and leisure education. In the course of assessment, decision making which is action-orientated in nature will be based on mutual understanding, information, trust, participation to meet the predetermined objectives and cooperation. The purpose of their service is to sustain, enhance and convey the most convenient and comfortable way of lifestyle alongside the treatment process.

As Therapeutic practitioner, they feel that they ought to be held responsible for the community for the professional conduct and quality of services they deliver. Such end is delivered through the founding of a specialized body which assures that the practitioners acquire the satisfactory skills, knowledge, skills and necessary resources by means of continues education and research.