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Studies & Degrees in Primary Care

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Do you dream of a career in healthcare, helping primary care physicians with their patients and working with a friendly and skilled health care team?  Have you considered pursuing a degree that would qualify you to serve as a physician’s assistant?  If so, the Associate of Science degree in Primary Care Assistance may be the perfect program for you, one that will enable you to meet these goals?  With an Associate of Science degree in Primary Care you’ll be eligible to pursue one of the thousands of career positions currently available in primary care facilities, helping doctors and patients in many different capacities.  If this sounds interesting, the following information may prove very useful.  Here we will briefly describe the Associate of Science Degree in Primary Care Assistance, including a brief course overview and some information regarding the eligibility requirements for admission into the program.
Associate of Science Degree in Primary Care Assistance:  Course Overview
The Associate of Science Degree in Primary Care Assistance is a two-year program (if attended on a full-time basis) featuring a curriculum that combines all of the traditional concepts of physician assistant training.  In the first year of the program you’ll acquire extensive knowledge about the field and gain valuable insight into the various techniques used to evaluate and treat patients.  This classroom training will be followed by a year of intense clinical training in a real-world hospital setting; training that will allow you to master what you’ve learned in the classroom component of the course.  Among the many skills and techniques you’ll learn and perfect during the course of this study program are:
  • Taking thorough patient histories
  • Physical examination procedures and techniques
  • Injection training
  • Basic laboratory techniques
  • Common diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Patient counseling
  • Diagnosing and treating basic illnesses
  • Managing stable chronic diseases
  • Delivering basic preventative care
  • And more…
Following an intensive course in physical examination and treatment, you’ll be introduced through lectures and clinical experiences to topics such as general medicine, emergency medicine, pharmacology, pediatrics, geriatrics, women’s health and behavioral science. 
Students who complete the A.S. degree program will leave with a strong background in the field and plenty of clinical experience to secure a career in the primary care industry, as well as a complete understanding of the physician’s assistant role in a primary care setting.
Associate of Science Degree in Primary Care Assistance:  Eligibility Requirements for Admission
To be eligible to participate in the Associate of Science Degree program in Primary Care Assistance you will need to possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, one recognized by your particular state or region.  A strong background in the physical and natural sciences will be very advantageous, but not always required.  However, you must have a fervent interest in the medical field and enjoy working in a team-based setting to care for and help solve issues with patients.