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Studies & Degrees in Jewish Studies

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Jewish Studies program gives students a learning opportunity that will let them explore Jewish culture, history, arts, literature, and contemporary Jewish thoughts and its society. Jewish culture history, which can be traced back from over three thousands years, is a multidisciplinary study that highlights Jewish religious studies, the Bible as part of its literature, archeology, sociology, the Jewish languages, area studies, women’s studies, political science, and ethnic studies.

Universities and academic institutions offering the program include in their curriculum related fields of Jewish studies like the Holocaust years, Jewish Thought, and Israel Studies. In fact, it is inevitable to not discuss the mentioned subjects since its influence in the shaping of the Jewish culture is indispensable.

The high value given to the learning and study of Jewish Studies is something that students of the course should understand and appreciate very well. The Jewish history for instance has to be studied from medieval Jewish history to the contemporary Jewish history with high regard to the literature circling the mentioned periods.

As for more religious facets of the program, students ought to earn significant knowledge in Torah studies, an in-depth understanding of the Hebrew Bible, and the so called Rabbinic literature and Yiddish literature that are directly linked to Talmud and Midrash. Students will get immersed with modern approaches-applying literary and anthropological perspectives to the Bible. In fact, students of the program consider such kind of studies their religious obligations that need to be fulfilled.

The curriculum accentuates the importance of taking the course with chronological and disciplinary mode. Students in the end will have a thorough grounding in various methods of studying the course like philological and historical methods.

Broader context of comparative literature studies will also help students explore more contemporary issues like gender issues and the need to define national identity. The intellectual interests, conflicts, perspectives, and concerns on Jewish Studies provide students with productive dialogues and discourses of other disciplines of arts and humanities.

Jewish Studies a.k.a. Judaic Studies train the mental faculties of students to prepare themselves in acquiring career opportunities related in education, social works, business, communications, political science, modern culture, and sociology among others. The learning experience that will be earned by students will not simply let them have a full grasp of Jewish life and culture but let them deepen their understanding as they investigate more Jewish interests that will result in more opportunities outside the academe and more about the society.

The language requirements alone that enable students to communicate effectively using the Jewish language and understand more of its literature is an exemplary credential that will give them huge opportunities outside the classroom and more in handling and controlling Jewish real life situations.

Jewish Studies is nonetheless an interesting area of study that will also let students explore other related disciplines including the political situation in the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the prominent profile of Jews. It is more than spiritual and philosophical studies rather a combination of every facets of the society.