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Are you a student interested in studying and perhaps finding solutions to some of the more problematic justice and peace issues of our time?  If so, you may be the perfect candidate for the Bachelor of Science degree program in Peace and Justice Studies.  To help you become more familiar with this increasingly popular degree track, below we will provide an overview of the program, including a brief course description, and a list highlighting both the goals of the program and the expected outcomes for graduates.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Peace and Justice Studies:  Course Description and Goals
The Bachelor of Science degree in Peace and Justice Studies is an undergraduate program offered at a select number of colleges and universities throughout the world.  This course of study, which typically spans three to four year in duration depending on the institution, can best be described as an interdisciplinary program that provides students the unique opportunity to explore complex social justice and peace issues from the perspective of multiple disciplines—disciplines through which students obtain a deep sense of learning through the integration of ideas.  Throughout the program students are regularly challenged to develop new vision and leadership for bringing about positive societal change.  Through rigorous academic study students will gain critical analysis and dialogue skills as they work to find nonviolent approaches to domestic and foreign policy issues.  Emphasis in the program is placed on both local and global issues of justice and peace—issues that address that common good for the human family and the earth.
Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Peace and Justice Studies will be prepared to find meaningful work in the service of the common good, bringing about social change, global interdependence and civic engagement through nonviolent action and change.  Other goals of the program include:
  • Provide students with contemporary skills for bringing about change, including peaceful communication, community organization, intercultural engagement and critical inquiry.
  • Arm students with a firm foundation for exploring creative paradigm change for peace building and justice.
  • Give students a multidisciplinary framework for analyzing and working toward solving complicated and complex social issues.
  • Enhance the educational experience of students by providing experiential learning opportunities that are an integral component of academic study.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Peace and Justice Studies:  Outcomes and Eligibility Requirements
The outcomes for graduates of the Bachelor of Science Degree program in Peace and Justice Studies include:
  • Be able to identify and communicate intelligently on intricate peace and justice issues through an eye of interdisciplinary inquiry.
  • Apply theories for social change and practice skills for the effective and efficient transformation of domestic and global justice and peace issues.
  • Become world citizens who comprehend the interdependence and the interconnectedness of the human community and planet.
To qualify for admission into the Bachelor of Science Degree program in Peace and Justice Studies students must have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.  Some institutions may also require students to take an entrance examination prior to being admitted to the university, and some of the courses in the program may have one or two prerequisites which must be taken and passed before enrolling in said course.

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