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Are you a graduate student in search of a degree program that would provide you with the required knowledge and skills you need in the fields of information systems, systems engineering and management—skills with real-world applications that will help you land a career position in one of these disciplines?  Have you considered pursuing an advanced degree in Technical Engineering and Management Information Systems?  The Master of Science degree program in Technical Engineering in Management Information Systems will provide you with both the technical and business skills you need to plan, engineer/re-engineer and manage the systems to support modern digital enterprises.  To help you become more familiar with this degree program, below we will describe this course of study in a bit more detail, including a brief overview of the program, the range of topics covered through the core and elective coursework and the typical eligibility requirements for admission into the program.
Master of Science Degree in Technical Engineering in Management Information Systems:  Course Overview and Coursework
The Master of Science Degree in Technical Engineering in Management Information Systems is an eighteen-month to two-year graduate level program now being offered by thousands of colleges and universities around the world.  The program is very interdisciplinary in nature, however, the three primary areas of study are:
  • Information Systems.  Information covering the latest technologies and approaches in Information Systems, including web-based components, mobile computing, wireless communications, business intelligence and emerging technologies.
  • Systems Engineering.  Teaching students about systems thinking, with an emphasis on systems instead of individual components and enterprise architectures, consisting of people, processes and technologies.
  • Management.  Covering business strategies, entrepreneurship, planning, integration, security, governance, global enterprises and agile enterprises.
The coursework for the M.S. program in Technical Engineering in Management Information Systems is quite varied, stretching across several disciplines and subject areas.  The core courses in the program allow students to acquire a strong, timely and relevant background in a number of different areas and skills, including systems engineering, strategic planning, business strategy, global and digital enterprises, user-centered design, enterprise architectures and integration and systems analysis and design.  When taking elective courses, students can focus on areas that are of particular interest to them, choosing from topics such as project management, financial aspects of systems, leadership, educational technologies, business intelligence, multimedia management, entrepreneurships, digital governments, digital health enterprise management, and Internet Technologies.  Programs can usually be customized to match each student’s interests and ability, and cater to both the experienced IT/IS professional and the novice seeking to master new skills.

To qualify for admission into the Master of Science degree program in Technical Engineering in Management Information Systems students must possess at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a technology-related field such as Management Information Systems, Computer Programming, Computer Science, etc.  Those with a non-technology degree may also qualify, but they will, in most cases, need to take one or two bridge courses before being admitted to the program.