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Level: Graduate     Location: Barcelona

International Marketing involves the employment of marketing principles across national borders. The marketing mix, which is one of the fundamental principles in marketing, has to be adapted in order to take account of differences in consumers, markets, and segments. Often, international marketing is also linked to the establishment of manufacturing facilities overseas and the development of strategies for the products produced there.

Individuals working within an international marketing environment are usually involved with developing good brand recognition and generating brand interest with the purpose of increased sales. International marketers have to undertake thorough research, work with colleagues from various countries, or even live in a particular country in order to adapt marketing concepts and techniques to the target market. They give suggestions and draw plans about how to penetrate and develop a market for a certain product.

Personal Qualities

People involved in international marketing have to possess great interpersonal skills, be very flexible and imaginative. Further qualities are:

  • Ability to carry out research and analyze outcomes
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Creativity and imagination
  • High level of emotional intelligence
  • Team player
  • Open to learning about and understanding different cultures and languages
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills

Study Options

In order to be involved in international marketing, you would have to undergo formal education, and a bachelor’s or a master’s business-related degree with the word ‘international’ in it would be suitable. There are universities offering International Marketing as a separate degree, so normally you can check rankings of their business and economics schools or departments to decide whether the institution is a suitable choice for you.

Degrees in International Business and Economics, International Relations, or International Management can also lead you to the area of International Marketing. A very important point is to look for a school with strong relationships with overseas universities or companies, where students can transfer for one year, or undertake a work placement. Institutions with a high percentage of international students would be a good choice, too. Such an environment will develop in you the open-mindedness and cultural acceptance you would need for this field.

Career Options

Career prospects in international marketing are very diverse and interesting. You can work for an advertising agency, and specialize in the preparing of materials for multinational companies. You should not exclude the option to do a one-year or six-month placement during your degree program, and go back to the same company after you graduate.

You can also look for positions within the marketing department of multinational companies and aim to win a place in their international team or department. Don’t forget that a career in international marketing can involve a great deal of travel and being away from home.

On the other hand, you can seek to work as a freelancer for various companies wishing to penetrate a market you are very familiar with, or open your own agency. In order to be successful, a good deal of experience and proven expertise is required, of course.