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Are you a graduate student looking for a program that would allow you to study and conduct respected research into the languages, cultures and societies of Spain?  Have you considered pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Spanish Civilization and Culture?  The Master of Arts Degree in Spanish Civilization and Culture, also called Spanish Studies, gives students the unique opportunity to acquire advanced Spanish language skills and a comprehensive understanding of Spanish cultures and societies within a global context.  To help you become more familiar with this increasingly popular course of study, below we have provided a brief overview of the Master of Arts Degree in Spanish Civilization and Culture, including a course description, a sample of the coursework you’ll encounter and the eligibility requirements for admission into the program.
Master of Arts Degree in Spanish Civilization and Culture:  Course Description
The Master of Arts Degree in Spanish Civilization and Culture is a graduate-level program offered by a select number of colleges and universities throughout the world, particularly in countries where Spanish is the official language or the first language for a sizable percentage of the population.  The program, which typically lasts eighteen months to two years for full-time students, features extensive instruction in the Spanish language, allowing students to master high-level Spanish language skills, and gain a thorough education into the cultures and societal norms of Spanish communities. 
Like most graduate-level programs, the M.A. in Spanish Civilization and Culture features both core and elective coursework, enabling students to create an individualized program that matches their personal interests and abilities.  The core courses provide essential cultural knowledge relating to the Spanish-speaking world, while the elective component offers a wide range of social, historical and political courses—courses that promote comparative understanding of countries within Europe and beyond.
Although the exact course titles will typically vary from one institution to the next, students can expect to encounter courses such as:
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Advanced Spanish Studies
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Intensive Spanish Studies
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Spanish Civilization during the Spanish Empire
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Modern Spanish Civilization
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Spanish Language and Literature
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Spanish Cinema
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Spanish Society
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Economic and Social Change in the Spanish-Speaking World
·      &a mp;n bsp;  And more…
Following the successful completion of all required and elective coursework, students will be asked to present a Master’s thesis topic for approval and will then need to prepare that thesis and defend it to the faculty of the program prior to graduation.
Master of Arts Degree in Spanish Civilization and Culture:  Eligibility Requirements
To qualify for admission into the Master of Arts Degree program in Spanish Civilization and Culture students must have at least a bachelor degree, preferably in Spanish, World History, European History, Spanish Studies or a related language or social science field.  Many institutions will require students to submit no less than 3 letters of recommendation, written by individuals with personal knowledge of that student’s academic ability, and/or have them sit for an interview with the program faculty prior to being considered for admission.