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Studies & Degrees in History of Spain

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During the 16th and a great part of 17th century, Spain was the most powerful state in Europe, while also the most important colonial power in the world. Studying the history of the country would also involve exploring the vast empire they established in the Americas, stretching from California to Patagonia, and colonies in the western pacific. In addition, the history of Spain involves all the other peoples and nations within the Iberian Peninsula, formerly known as Hispania – Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, and of course Spain. Also, you would of course learn about the more recent history of the country as a member of the European Union.

Historians can do many different things, and this can involve combining research and practical knowledge to solve problems in international affairs, ethic issues, and globalization. On the other hand, studying the History of Spain can mean working in a museum, organizing historical trips and excursions, or teaching the subject to young children or adults.

Personal Qualities

The ideal profile of someone who wishes to study History is a person with good social awareness and an interest in human issues. Further skills to explore are:

  • Good memory
  • Interest in reading
  • Attention and perception skills
  • Excellent research skills
  • Interest in exploring and searching for the meaning of things

Study Options

Study options vary significantly according to your needs and goals. You can choose to concentrate on the History of Spain and earn a bachelor’s degree in the subject, or you can look for other degrees that offer this discipline. Degrees that are likely to do so can be such as Law, Literature, Economics, Social Sciences, International Relations, or related. Similarly, if you have already earned such a degree, you may seek to specialize in the History of Spain on a postgraduate level of study. This will give you a better understanding of the social values, behaviors, and background of the region, which can be applied in numerous business or political setting.

When looking for a school, it would be a good idea to check rankings and choose an institution that is strong in the fields of history and humanities. If you will be studying in an institution outside of Spain, it would be vital that it offers some form of an exchange program or internship in a Spanish-speaking country, as this will inevitably better your understanding of the subject.

Career Options

As a graduate in the History of Spain, you would be qualified to work in areas like teaching in public and private centers (Secondary Education, Adult Education Centers, Continuous Education Centers, Private Academies); publishing services;  literary and textual criticism;  text and  literary correction. Furthermore, you can be involved in the management and preservation of historical and cultural heritage, as well as deal with Information and Museum Consultancy; work in private foundations; undertake historical research, organize documentation, archives and libraries. Last but not least, you can pursue a diplomatic career and various branches of the civil service.