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Are you looking to pursue an interesting degree, something out of the norm that combines your love of history, sociology and cultural studies?  Have you considered pursuing an undergraduate degree in Australian Studies?  The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Australian Studies will provide you with a unique opportunity to explore and gain a greater understanding of the “land down under”—to become more familiar with Australian history, culture and society.  To illustrate this, below we will provide a synopsis of the Bachelor of Arts Degree program in Australian Studies, including a brief course description, a sample of the coursework and topics you’ll study, and the eligibility requirement for admission into the program.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Australian Studies:  Course Overview
The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Australian Studies is a four-year undergraduate program that is now being offered by hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the country and world.  By exploring the history, culture and society of Australia, this course of study exposes students to a wide range of Australian issues and concerns, including the environment, gender identity, politics, the shaping of cultural icons and institutions and pressing issues among the Indigenous populations. 
Some of the aspects of Australian life and culture that are covered in the program include:
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Australian political allegiances and background
·      &a mp;n bsp;  The aesthetic and imaginative experiences of Australians
·      &a mp;n bsp;  The diverse histories and sociologies of the Australian people
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Issues of identity and governance together with ideas such as mate-ship and egalitarianism
The B.A. program in Australian Studies examines the history and culture of Australia not merely from a local perspective, but in an international context, enabling students to critically analyze how different people and areas of study approach the task of understanding the shifting ideas Australians have held about history, identity and tradition over the years.  The course plays a key and very significant role in the development of an informed and critically engaged citizenship, and fosters a sense of analytical and creative engagement with Australia in its relationship with the rest of the world.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Australian Studies:  Coursework
The coursework for the Bachelor of Arts Degree program in Australian Studies features both core and elective classes.  Initially students will be introduced to Australian Studies through the course Australian Legends, a course that takes key themes in Australian myth—the Fatal Shore, the Bush Legend, the Lucky Country, etc.—and examines their modern usages in advertising, politics and pop-culture.  Other topics covered in the coursework include:
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Australian Literature
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Australian Cinema and Television
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Australian History I (1788-1900) and Australian History II (1900-present)
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Aboriginal Australia
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Australian Surface Environments and Landforms
·      &a mp;n bsp;  Australian Foreign Policy
·      &a mp;n bsp;  And more…
To qualify for admission into the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Australian Studies students must possess at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.  Most universities also require students to take an entrance examination prior to being admitted to the institution.