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Do you have a strong interest in studying the people, culture and languages of New Zealand, particularly those of the indigenous Polynesian group known as the Maori?  Have you considered pursuing an advanced degree in this field as a way to prepare you for a career in teaching, translation, research, media, iwi development or a position in central or local government?  If so you may be a perfect candidate for the Master of Arts degree program in Maori Studies.  To help you become a bit more familiar with this degree path, below we have compiled some of the specifics with regard to the program, including a brief course description, a sample of some of the coursework you’ll encounter and the typical eligibility requirements for admission into the program.
Master of Arts Degree in Maori Studies:  Course Description
Master of Arts Degree in Maori Studies is a graduate level program offered at hundreds of colleges and universities around the world, but particularly in the regions of New Zealand and Australia.  This course of study, which typically spans two years or less depending on the institution, is designed for students who want to increase their knowledge base with regard to the Maori people, culture and languages.  Students will gain insight into topics such as Maori and the media, Maori history, politics and the renowned performing arts form known as kapa haka. The end goal of the program is that graduates will be prepared to work in career fields that deal directly or indirectly with the Maori people, customs and traditions, especially those in the education field living in regions where advanced knowledge of Maori is essential.
Master of Arts Degree in Maori Studies:  Coursework and Eligibility Requirements
The coursework for the Master of Arts degree program in Maori studies features a combination of core courses and elective classes, the latter of which enables students to focus on certain areas that match their personal or professional interests.  Some of these courses include:
  • Coming of the Maori—a Cultural Anthropology Course of Study
  • Mana Taonga:  Tradition and Innovation in Maori Art
  • Cook Islands Maori Language I and II
  • Race, Indigeneity and the Media
  • Maori History:  Waitangi for Treaty to Tribunal
  • Maori History in the 20th Century
  • Whakatakoto Reo Tuarua: Intermediate Written Maori
  • Intermediate Spoken Maori
  • Kapa Haka 1 and 2
  • Mana Maori Motuhake / Maori Politics and Public Policy
  • And many more…
To be eligible for admission into the Master of Arts Degree program in Maori Studies, students must possess, at minimum a bachelor degree, preferably in a foreign language field or the social sciences, particularly areas such as anthropology, sociology, history or political science.  Some institutions may require students to sit for an interview with the program faculty prior to admission, and or take and pass an entrance examination that measures proficiency in reading, writing and comprehension.  Most colleges and universities will also require students to submit no less than three letters of recommendation, written by someone with personal knowledge of his or her academic ability and achievements.