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Level: Undergraduate Associate     Location: Madrid

The Portuguese language is known as the sixth language of the world. Almost 210 million people around the world speak their language. Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Guinea-Bissau. It is also spoken in Macau, East Timor, and Goa. The richness of the literature in Portuguese is astounding. Studying the Portuguese Language and Literature will open our mind with the countless possibilities that lies ahead.

Many experts agree that the Portuguese language is very easy to learn and just like the French language, this is also a romance language, very elegant with a beautiful pronunciation to boasts. The first part of the study starts with the basic Portuguese grammatical structures, development of oral fluency and listening skills as well as proper pronunciation, reading and comprehension, and writing skills. After that, an introduction to the cultural and literary topics will follow. Further development of the skills acquired is necessary to understand the vast collection of literary treasures waiting to be discovered like the work of poets and authors such as Ena De Queiros, Fernando Pessoa, Maria Isabel Barreno and many others. As the language skills improved, cultural topics with emphasis on history and geography will be discussed to understand the relationship of the events in relation to the literature written during a specific era.

Another highlight of this course is the reading and interpretation of the famous poems, essays and other literary piece written by some of the most prominent literary figures in history. From the famous The Lusiads to the modern literature like the collected notes, stories, letters, and poems by Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta, and Maria Velho da Costa, the wealth of the Portuguese literature is really amazing.

Since this Portuguese Language and Literature is rarely studied, there are many career options open to those with the required expertise on this area. There are large communities of Portuguese-speaking community all over the world. The knowledge of their language is necessary in banking and trading especially with Brazil’s booming economy. Another career option after mastering this language is of course to teach it. There are many language schools that need someone who can teach this course efficiently. Portuguese literature is very famous around the world; a translator is often times needed to let others appreciate the beauty of each novel and the true meaning of each poem.

There are many personal benefit of learning the Portuguese language and the rich literature and history that they have. Since this language is being used in many countries, you can communicate effectively from people all over the world because this is a global language just like English. This skill is very useful when traveling to Portuguese-speaking country.

Aside from possible career opportunities and improving on your communication skills, learning this language can also be beneficial to truly appreciate Brazilian music, novels and discover a rich and diverse culture that is truly Portuguese. So why not grab this chance to challenge yourself to learn something new and beautiful and take up this course.