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The main challenge to a student of English Academic Writing is to eventually acquire a considerable amount of readership. However, the primary objective of the English Academic Writing course is to introduce the student to different writing techniques and practices. The course also aims to develop students as a writer within the English speaking community of both the academe and the community where the student belongs.

The study of the conventions of the written texts is one subject matter being delved under the course. Issues regarding academic writing are being addressed. Apart from that, the curriculum of English Academic Writing also concentrates on the other language skills needed by the students to complete their degree. To provide you with what subject matters are in store for you as you take up the English Academic Writing course/program check out the following topics. The course presents you with topics such as:

  • The acquisition of awareness and enhancement of your ability to effectively utilize the discourse patterns of academic English writing

  • The improvements of your critical reading skills that will help you think critically and eventually write with direction and purpose and to write clearly and perceptively

  • The familiarization of writing practices, the genres of argumentative narratives and essays, the critiquing of other research papers, and more

  • The opportunity to develop your skills in writing process that include generation of ideas, peer evaluation, drafting, individual writing consultations, gathering of data and topics to write on

  • The learning of which kind of readership to focus on so you can concentrate on their expectations and their academic backgrounds, English discourses, and more

  • The reflection of your chosen writing approach with special consideration to meeting the needs of graduation requirements

  • The incorporation of other people’s work into your own writing as found in the scope of the English Academic Writing program you are in

  • The expansion and improvement of your capability to work on your own as you learn to explore new methodologies and techniques in learning and writing

  • The development of your proofreading skills, together with your editing skills so that you will become capable of polishing, editing, and refining, either your work or the works of other writers

  • The acquisition of confidence especially in expressing yourself through your writings. This also includes the enhancement and development of your speaking skills in English.

As a student of English Academic Writing you are immersed to the nature of research writing as well since academic scope is more of conducting researches that will be presented, reviewed, and approved in the academe. Therefore, you have to know ways on how you can make contributions through writing academic and research papers and articles that will acquire a relevant number degree of readership and an output that will provide new information.

English Academic Writing course will eventually require you to write your own research paper since this will serve as your final and graduating requirement. This is essential since after your graduation, and as you pursue your career as either a professional writer or researcher, you will always go back to the foundation of English Academic Writing which is writing materials that will greatly attract readership.

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