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Book Publishing remains to be one of the old businesses that are still holding its foot firmly on the ground. Despite the arrival of the Internet age where e-books are getting popular every minute, book publishing in the traditional sense still subsist. Book Publishing in the traditional sense would mean a writer with a manuscript going to a publishing house who will review the writer’s work and then if the publisher likes what’s written, a contract will be drafted and then printing of the books will then proceed. However, because of the undeniable power of the Internet, slowly, these traditional businesses are also embracing this technology and are slowly releasing e-book versions of their best-selling books.

Naturally, publishing houses are on the lookout for talented writers who they think might give them the next best-seller. Since manuscripts are presented to them for review prior to signing them on as official writers, more or less, they can gauge if the book would be a hit on their intended market. Most publishing houses specialize on a particular genre or market like McGraw-Hill publishes only business and education related books and Tor Books for science fiction and fantasy themed books. Naturally, expect these publishing houses to come up with gimmicks in order to sniff out potential future best-seller authors. Some publishing houses would hold out book writing contests open to all amateur writers or simply send out agents to contact professors from leading universities to give them the names of promising students in the field of literary writing. Due to the number of works being simultaneously reviewed by publishing houses, sometimes a gem would slip by their hands as with the case of J.K. Rowling. The first 12 publishing houses she and her agent approached all gave her a thumbs down as they quite assessed that her first book was intended for a very young audience who are not much readers of novels yet as grand as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” However, the 13th publisher that they approached that had quite a different way of knowing what’s in the mind of the intended market who so happens to be his 8-year-old daughter. The daughter liked very much what she read and was asking for the next chapter right away. The publisher agreed to print her work into books but warned her to keep her day job as sales from the book might not turn out well. Fast forward to the future, she is now one of the richest women in the world. Probably, from the unprecedented sales the book recorded, the publishing house that carried her might not need to look for another writer as books are still continually being sold from all over the world.

The Book Publishing industry is not as mysterious as it seems now. A small publisher can be make it big as long as they can spot and sign exceptional writers. Future publishers can learn the intricacies of book publishing as there are now full courses available.

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