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Is it not fun to see accessories that blend perfectly with someone’s attire? We often see fashion icons and celebrities leading the line in promoting different designs and style of accessories. Indeed, those little stuff add flavor and color to the overall getup. This is one good thing about Accessory Design - the designer gets to see his craft being modelled in televisions and magazines – a very effective means of marketing products.

Accessory Design is the concept behind beautiful and attractive accessories. It is the conceptualization and creation of designs for stuff that people, especially women, partner with clothes and apparel, like jewelry, shoes, belts, hats, etc. Since there is a vast area in fashion, one has to choose a field to specialize in. For instance, one can either focus on designs of handbags, belt, hair accessories, or shoes – but rarely (or never) all of these.

It is imperative for every accessory designer to be updated with latest fashion trends, just so he or she could go in sync with what is hot in fashion industry. This requires an accessory designer to read fashion magazines, attend fashion shows, and do research about fashion trends. Some even go from one country to another to see what they can adapt from another culture that may be sellable in another culture. It is also important for an accessory designer to be highly flexible, because monotony is never a positive thing in fashion. Variety should always arise from somewhere, and designers are the ones acting as catalyst of change. Designer should also consider the required theme when coming up with designs and creations. One cannot just do it his way without considering the theme, unless the order made it specific that it would be a free-flowing design. Accessory designer should never run out of creative ideas to come up with new and unique way of expressing a soul.

Accessory Design is often a part-time job, where clients contact you whenever there are orders. Aside from the advantage of having it part-time (that is, you only take work orders when you feel like working on it), Accessory Design is a fun thing to do! Just like any other forms of arts, this is an expression of oneself.

Clients often prefer graduates of degree programs with concentration in Arts, Design, and Fashion to do the accessory design for their product line. This is, however, not a major requirement when people in the industry come to know your name and your work. That’s the time educational background becomes not so significant. For beginners, however, proper educational background will always give the leverage to start it right. Most of the graduates of related degree programs start as assistant of senior designer. This is where they get to have more exposure in the line of business. Of course, hands-on experience and the working with experts will always be the best teacher to make one a designer he aspires to be. This is perfectly why Accessory Design courses that are being offered around the world are into practical applications more than theoretical knowledge. These courses usually offer internship with top design and fashion companies, and this opportunity opens the door for internee to a potentially full-time career with the contact company.

Depending on the type of accessory they design, accessory designers can have lucrative income from this business, especially for those who have already established a name in the field. Charging your client $500+ per design is never a long shot. Clients are usually the ones who own fashion store line, like jewelry store, store for hair accessories, belts, shoes, hats, handbags, and many others. The market widened and continues to widen – it now caters not only to women, but to people of all ages and genders!