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Studies & Degrees in Pre-Medicine

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Pre-Medicine Study Programs

Level: Undergraduate Associate     Location: Madrid

The Dictionary defines Pre-medical as relating to or engaging in the preliminary medical studies that must be completed before entering medical school. In medical jargon it is a terminology to illustrate a route an undergraduate follows so as to become a medical student. It relates to the caseloads that prepare an undergraduate student for medical school, such as pre-med assignment, volunteer works, medical experience, research, and the application process.

Pre-medical is not a major, per se, but a guiding principle to the education needed for the admission to medical schools. A pre-medical student can major in any subject provided he completes the attentiveness and focus in the preparatory professional studies. Inasmuch as students are not offered option of a pre-medical major by most colleges and universities, he is allowed to select any undergraduate major in any field of study provided that some obligatory courses are finished.

Generally, such courses are centered to the scientific fields of chemistry and biology that are required in medical admission test. It also complies with the pre-requisite requirements by medical schools. This is why pre-med students en route to a major related to one of those subjects do not at all major in a technical field as an undergraduate.

In the first year at college, the average pre-medical student organizes his subjects to accept the required courses. Some students after a semester continue extracurricular activities showing commitment to medicine. Although not a requirement, most pre-medical students go on to major the natural sciences: chemistry or physics.

To meet the pre-medical requirements to suffice the taking up of the typical courses are: 1. General Chemistry (2 semesters/3 quarter, with laboratories); 2. General Biology (2 semesters/3 quarter, with laboratories); 3. Organic Chemistry (2 semesters/3 quarter, with laboratories); 4. General Physics (2 semesters/3 quarter, with laboratories); 5. Quarters/semesters of math are required, plus Calculus 1 and either Calculus 2; 6. English and Writing courses.

Upper level biology and chemistry electives include such as cellular biology, biochemistry, physical chemistry, genetic, etc. Some schools oblige general humanities credits and others require courses in English, Psychology or other subjects.

Pre-medical is a curriculum intended to prepare the student for medical college admission test and the hardships encountered in medical school. It unites related areas of study such as chemistry, biology, and biochemistry, and provides solid background in physics and mathematics. Being a rigid course that requires a full time attention to studies, Pre-medical firmly obliges students forget about nightlife most often. The one reason for Pre-medical is the weeding out of entrants to Medical School.

Completing the bachelor’s degree in Pre-medical studies, students must follow the competitive admission to and the successful completion of professional studies and training. To obtain college course credit, pre-medical students are required exposure to the health professions through volunteer work and internship. Pre-medical students were instructed to embrace fully the rigors of medical study and engaged fully in the current problems in health care.

The study of the important science courses, the ability to communicate, and understand human experience and human nature spring out a dynamic and vigorous education that Pre-medical draws out. The certificate program in Pre-medical studies was not created just on the belief that knowledge in science prepares students become efficient physicians. The student must have the perception and compassion to the emotion, culture, and factors affecting the environment that motivate behaviors of people who will be their patients. Genuine concern for them must voluntary leap out from their hearts. That is what Pre-medical is in its full meaning.