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Diplomatic Studies develops students’ knowledge in conceptual understanding of the practices, theories, procedures of contemporary diplomacy and international politics. At the end of the course, students of Diplomatic Studies are expected to have acquired their skills and abilities to work efficiently within the diplomatic community.

To provide students with accurate information and solid foundation, Diplomatic Studies presents a rich and legitimate tradition of how diplomacy is governed and how it has evolved. The practices and procedures employed in diplomacy and international politics continue to change and as a result world politics keep on reshaping and revolutionizing. At this point, students are told to carefully examine the practices of diplomats including the contexts within which they function.

The course in Diplomatic Studies will equip students with necessary skills, specific knowledge, language proficiency, and other flexible skills that will prepare them in undergoing diplomacy training and other related fields of study. During the course, students are provided with skills relevant to helping them succeed in a career in diplomacy.

As for the curriculum per se, Diplomatic Studies deals with different modes of diplomacy (e.g. summitry, resident ambassador) along with its functions like negotiation, information gathering, international relations, and their roles in issues that concern peace-making, war, economic, trade, and culture. The curriculum also presents advanced grounding in the legal foundations, theories and practices of diplomacy. Eventually, Diplomatic Studies students will acquire an indispensable and solid diplomatic background and foundation. This will result in a much higher career orientation and expertise since the course will provide students with a useful connection between the world of the academe and the practicalities of policy-making.

The teaching strategy and Diplomatic Studies program are juxtaposed since academic discipline and professional training are needed. Professors that provide Diplomatic Studies are immersed to international and regional organizations of diplomacy and they have active participation in international conferences, special affairs, field trips, and other related events. As for the teaching strategy, the learning process should be student-centred rather than teacher-centred. This way, students will be encouraged to contribute in the learning process like giving presentations, attending seminars, and keeping track of diplomacy accounts related to what they have been taught.

Research skills are also honed in Diplomatic Studies since this will enable students to pursue higher and advanced form of learning. In fact, the students can further their study to Master’s degree and PhD level.

In terms of career paths, graduates of Diplomatic Studies are getting more demands than ever. Professionals with a degree in Diplomatic Studies have significant knowledge and useful skills in the various areas of diplomacy. Pertinent knowledge of the media and the international security is extremely necessary and this is exactly the qualities that government agencies, international organizations, multinational corporations, foreign affairs departments, non-governmental organizations, and diplomatic corps are looking for.

There is an immense expectation from Diplomatic Studies students. Their future responsibilities and duties are not just embraced with their knowledge of international law nor political science and international relations, but with the appropriate execution of the art of negotiation grounded with the state the students will sooner or later serve.

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Foreign Service SpecialistDiplomat

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