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India has one of the oldest and the richest civilizations in the world. It has been around for many years, dating back to 3000 BC. Studying this course will enrich your knowledge as to how India came to have the diverse and exciting civilization that it has now. This course will answer many questions about the wonder that is India.

Upon studying this course, the journey will start from the ancient times up to the present day with a unique focus on the major developments that made India what it is today. Interestingly enough, evidence can be found that Indian civilization started in Mohenjodaro and Harrappa which are both located in our present day Pakistan. Indus valley civilization is considered to be the great first civilization of the world and this study will feature in details the reason behind this and the eventual fallout of this era. Periods of civilization after the first civilization like the Aryan, Maurya and Gupta and their contribution to India are also included in this course as well as their contribution to politics, trading and even art.

Religion is an integral part of Indian civilization. They have many religions and this course will focus on a few of them like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Islam as they developed in India. Understanding the origin of India’s caste system which had been used for many years and exists up to this day is another benefit of taking up this course as well acquiring knowledge about the village communities in India

Another aspect of this study of course is the political development in India. From the Vedic era which introduced Hinduism through the Maurya period which embodies the basic tenets of Buddhism, the relationship between the political and religion aspects will be one of the main focus of this course. Other political era that contributed to the modern India, be it on the architecture aspect or trading, will also be included on this field of study.

Indian civilization is truly one of the richest and fascinating civilizations in the world. Being an expert in this field will greatly help in career advancement. If you are a historian for example, this course will help in the understanding of the rich civilization and what could have influence this country to be what it is today; a vibrant country with an emerging economy. Anthropologist will also find that studying Indian Civilization is helpful on their careers as they learn about the complex dynamics of the human behavior on different era and how people with different beliefs interact with each other. An archeologist will greatly benefit from this field of study as they embark on a journey through time from the rise and fall of the world’s first civilization and the different culture on the different era of this very diverse and unique civilization. It can be for a personal reason as well; just wanting to learn about this unique country and trying to understand their origin, the beliefs and tradition that they have and how each one of us can find a part in India.