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Studies & Degrees in Japanese Language and Culture (in Universities)

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Japanese Language and Culture Studies is perhaps one of the more sought after college or university courses worldwide. One of the reasons for this is that understanding Japanese customs and traditions can be considered a key to help in the understanding of the customs of other Asian countries. Of course, there are a lot of cultural variations in the countries of Asia that make each one unique, but these countries do share some similarities that would enable students from the Western parts of the world understand better the traditions and ways of people whose culture is very different from their own. Japan in itself has been influenced by three of the greatest civilizations in Asia: China, India and Korea. Because of this, it might be safe to say that knowing the basics of the Japanese language and culture would enable an easier understanding of Asia itself.

Those who wish to conduct business in Japan also seek to learn more about the country’s language and customs. This is not only because speaking the language would help businessmen in talking directly to the companies they want to work with but also to help them have a better grasp of the culture which is important if one wishes to do business in a place that is unfamiliar to them. Knowing the particulars of another country’s etiquette and manners would also help in avoiding any kind of faux pas that might affect the business deal.

It is also known that Japanese is the third language most spoken in the Internet. Anyone who knows the language would find it easy enough to connect with other people. This is especially helpful for people who wish to conduct their businesses online (for example, online stores) and would be able to speak to their clients directly.

Students who wish to take Japanese Language and Culture Studies would begin by studying the country’s geography, climate and history. Having a more than basic grasp of the Japanese language would be very helpful in studying the country, since doing so would help the student gain an inside view of the culture in general. This would include place names, which all mean something in the Japanese language and usually tell something about the place they signify.

Knowing the language would also be a key to the understanding of Japan’s aesthetic views and art works. To be able to appreciate the enigmatic haiku and the literature of Japan in general, one must have a very good grasp of the language, which is a work of art in itself. After all, calligraphy is one of the artistic disciplines that Japan is known for in particular. Others would include the art of flower arrangement and even preparing tea.

Japanese cuisine would be another important part of their culture too. Japanese food is really quite different from those that can be found in the west, and although there are hundreds of Japanese restaurants all over the world to share their unique food to the rest of the world, there is really more to Japanese cuisine than preparation and presentation. Taking Japanese language and culture courses in college would enable the student to learn about the traditional food that must be eaten during special occasions and would help them understand better this culture that is really quite unique from the rest of the world.

All in all, taking Japanese language and culture courses would prove to be a very interesting study whether taken for the purpose of business or pleasure.