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When you hear of Poetry, probably, you picture men with great intelligence and wide understanding. Poetry is always associated with rhyming words with deep and profound meaning. That’s why poetry has been invaluable for most of people. But if we look closely and begin to delve beyond what we think poetry is, we’ll find its importance in one’s life.

The term Poetry was derived from the Greek word poiesis which means, “a making”. Poetry evokes emotions which is evident to each and everyone. We all feel love, hatred, guilt, depression, comfort and such like. Poetry brings up these emotions. In simpler words, Poetry is the usage of language in an aesthetic form that leads to man’s emotions. The meaning is retained, the form and the structure remains the same, and the essence is still there over the years. It is a part of history, and a part of man’s existence as he writes down in records the things that he wishes to say and the emotions that he wants to portray.

How about the founder? Who started Poetry? Well, no one really “started” it. Many people believe that Poetry was born in the same time speech was given to man. That also answers the first paragraph, men with great intelligence aren’t only the ones who could really come to appreciate and like poetry.

Poetry, just like any other form of literature has a structure. In any type of Poetry, you would notice the there’s only a few words, few lines that could be divided by stanzas. This is also a unique feature of Poetry, in which a few words creates deep and striking realization and mood to its readers. Poetry comprises of several elements such as the rhythm, which refers to the beat of the poem. Yes! Even an ordinary poem needs a symphony to add on its beauty. You need to read the poem aloud to find and check its beat and is changed through the word’s syllables. Rhyme, this is just optional in any poem, basically refers to the last words of the first and second lines that would rhyme with each other or the first and the third, second and the fourth and so on. The meter is somewhat the same with the rhythm but the two can be distinguished. A poem is made up of blocks of lines, which convey a single thought. Within those groups of lines, a structure of syllables which follow the rhythm has to be included. Other elements are the stanzas and symbolism, which refers to representations of certain subjects.

A student who takes up Poetry could pursue the career of a writer. They can also take up a degree in Literature and then afterwards, go for a training in a magazine, newspaper or any other organizations that includes writing. Once they gain experience, then they can publish their own book/poetry. They could also work as freelance writer.

Poetry is not to be taken for granted. It has done its part of sharing and expressing the thoughts and feelings of the writer behind it. It’s time for you to express yours.