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Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Madrid
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

When is a home not just a home? When its interior is decorated. Although some people prefer to do things their own way, sometimes it is inevitable to ask help from the outside. That is especially true when one’s own home is at stake. Even though the owner of that brand spanking new home has lots of ideas in his or her head, an interior designer will be the one to put together the different pieces of the puzzle in order to create a splendid piece of art. So despite the rise in popularity of all kinds of do-it-yourself stuff like tables or intricate lampshades that could double as pieces of art, an interior decorator’s helping hand is still deeply appreciated by many. But did you know that interior designers are not really this century’s offspring? As early as the 1700’s, interior designers already existed. They helped improve the appearance of the homes – or usually the mansions – of the rich and the nobles. The idea of having an interior designer was popular in Western Europe, most especially in Britain, France and Italy. But of course they did not call them that. Instead, today’s Interior Designer was called an upholsterer (when you’re in London) or a marchand-mercier (when you are a resident of France). Another thing was that most of yesterday’s Interior Decorators were men and not women. So it is a bit ironic that some people today think that women are more suited with designing homes since it is a woman’s job after all – to beautify her and her family’s abode. But that’s just a bit sexist, isn’t it?

So now, we go to the real question that needs answering: what exactly does an Interior Designer do? We all know that they’re in-charge of beautifying homes and adding much needed pizzazz to interiors that lack style and personality, but, what we don’t know is the work that goes with it. First of all, an Interior Designer has to assess the place, check out nooks and crannies that may need fixing and then make a general plan. Typically, an Interior Designer asks the client about their preferences and things like that before they make a drawing or plan that they will present to the client before applying paint, ordering furniture and all those kinds of stuff. This is done in order to avoid making dents to the relationship between the designer and the client. So basically, an Interior Designer is not just good with all things artsy; they are also good when it comes to communicating with other people. Interior Designers basically rely on their instincts when choosing furniture, color and the right lighting to complete a room. Up till now, they’re the best kept secret of people with the most amazing homes. But with the rise of TV shows, magazines and books that showcase the interesting and colorful lives of Interior Designers, more and more people will surely choose the path that many an interesting Interior Designer chose to tread.

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