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Studies & Degrees in Internet Technology

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The influence of Internet Technology is overpowering especially in business, education and the academe, and in everyday aspects of life. With the presence of E-commerce and other e-services fueling various market industries, Internet Technology is indeed an indispensable part of humankind.

Almost four decades ago, the so called “Early Days” of the Internet, the Advanced Research Projects Agency sponsors made a study on “cooperative network of time-sharing computers” which led to the creation of ARPANET. This connection was created for four hosts namely UCLA, UCSB, SRI, and the University of Utah. Using Network Control Program, the four hosts were connected.

Later on, ARPA was changed to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and then, packet switching nodes and internetwork gateways were launched. It was not long when UUCP, developed at AT&T, aided the ability of packets to facilitate the exchange of electronic mails. As history tells, more components where created and established that resulted in retransmission of data until everything was correctly and completely sent and received.

The “Later Days” of the Internet showed the boom in the number of hosts that have registered IP addresses. It was in 1993 when web servers gained popularity as the number of web servers reached 200 in number. By 1999, E-trade, online banking, and the domination of MP3 technology became fully developed and heavily promoted. In 2003, the popularity of blogs and online diaries was so huge and by 2004 there are already 46 million web servers with over 200 million hosts.

At present, more and more business companies demand skilled professionals who have finished Internet Technology courses. They are the perfect candidates for Developers and Administrators positions that are tasked to handle web development applications, databases, programs, and systems that will provide Internet or online services. With their knowledge and skills in revolutionizing new models, updated applications, enhanced web developments, and the latest software and hardware developments, Internet Technology professionals are simply competitive and highly-skilled individuals.

At present, there are already countless and improved techniques in using the Internet and the World Wide Web. Therefore, students who want to take Internet Technology-related courses should be prepared in understanding major protocols needed in internetworking. They should also be taught how to comprehend client-server architecture along with performance of basic web design. Further on, students will unravel the science and technology of basic client programming, server side programming, and other Internet technologies that are worth learning.

A diploma in Internet Technology which is more often called as Web Technology will provide individuals and aspiring professionals with endless opportunities in this technology-driven society. Their internet skills, not to mention their experiences in taking web design courses, will help them enter the field of Internet Technology. With their seamless performance in designing, developing, operating, programming, and managing computer and web systems, they are the ones needed by huge companies and reputable employers that primarily employ Internet Technology.

Internet Technology is a dynamic course that will require its students to continue pursuing the most recent developments that will widen their knowledge and skills when it comes to furthering their expertise in the technology of internet.