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Monuments, establishments, and buildings that have historical and cultural value should be restored as demolition of such historical places is deeply discouraged. If there are changes to be made and parts that need to be renovated and restored, then it must be done in order to preserve and maintain its value. This is basically the idea of the program Monument Conservation and Restoration. Students of the course will be taught the guidelines of conserving and restoring monuments and sites. Each academic institution has their own set of laws and rules when it comes to restoring historical sites and monuments—but it all boils down to one thing: monuments that have value, regardless of whether the value is enormous or little, should be immortalized at all cost.

The state that supports preservation and conservation of valuable monuments acknowledge the fact that anything that depicts ancient culture and portrays cultural significance are of high importance. Students taking the course will be trained to have and feel this way as they reflect on measure of importance of historical monuments. In fact such monuments can even become tourism booster of the state if the communities that will look after such architectural pieces are aware of contributing their part in safeguarding the said monument. This even adds more cultural meaning to a specific monument as it gets protected for the future generation.

Throughout the course, students will be immersed with means needed to be executed in restoring archeological monuments and historical sites. Once restoration is done, then intervention has also taken place. The intervention should be efficient enough to maintain the original form or the social function that the monument plays for the state and the communities living within the area. In terms of conversation, which is described as permanent care maintenance for the monument, students will learn the theories and practices that will allow them to provide permanent care and save the monument from potential risks that may jeopardize its cultural significance. With the right education and scientific resources that will equip students with what they need to learn in order to conserve the integrity and cultural meaning of the monument, an in-depth exploration of the study should be done.

Monument Conservation and Restoration is a multidisciplinary field of study that will require students to conduct archeological investigation as they go through places that have historical monuments. The course is directly connected to different areas of studies too namely history of art, protection, restoration of monuments, preservation, history of technology, techniques of arts and crafts, and post-graduate level of studies, too. As future permanent restorer and even conservator, they need to be knowledgeable in assessing and grading monuments with cultural heritage. They can also conduct research studies and produce materials that will be useful in offering further education about the program.

Monument Conservation and Restoration is a specialized higher education program that will prepare students on becoming skilled professionals who are able to develop conservation techniques and perform the fundamentals of building materials. They will be trained to handle positions in project works, construction sites, academic institutions, workshops, museums, and many more.