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Studies & Degrees in Human Development

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Human development is also known as developmental psychology. Literally, it is a process by which a person becomes biologically mature, mentally and physically. It may also refer to humanity if it relates to economics and the people’s standards of living. It can also refer to the process of achieving the best level of health and well-being, with physical, mental, biological, emotional, social, economic, cultural and educational components. Some of these components are found in a Human Development Index (HDI), a statistic composed from the education, life expectancy, and the standard of living of a particular area. If related to the world, HDI is used to rank countries in the level of human development.

The Institute for the Study of Human Development in the United States promotes study and research of the physical and psychological phases of early human development through cultures, and provides objective education and research that may benefit officials of law enforcement agencies, the media institutions, and those who work directly with the youth. There are higher education schools offering human development courses mostly under their education departments. These include the School of Education and Human Development of the Shenandoah University in Virginia that offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs designed to enhance the academic, professional and personal development of an individual. The subjects in its undergraduate program include, among others, Social Science and Human Values, Child Development, Adult Development, Family Systems, Gender and Social Science, Mothering: Feminist Perspectives on Caring, Gereniology, and Environmental Geography. The College of Education and Human Development of the University of Minnesota offers both undergraduate and graduate programs with courses on Education, Psychology, Social Science, Social Work, Youth Development Leadership, and Family, Youth and Community.

The other American universities that offer human development programs include the Kremen School of Education and Human Development of the California State University that prepares its students as human development specialists and competent educators on top of other positions. The University is optimistic for its graduates to easily land employments as secondary school teachers, special education teachers, early childhood specialists, school counselors, rehabilitation counselors, higher education administrators, school superintendents, and school principals. The George Washington University in Washington DC has a Graduate School of Education and Human Development offering certificate, master’s, specialist and doctoral degree programs that prepare future leaders through nationally recognized and fully accredited programs of study. It maintains a Career Services Office for various services for its students and alumni, faculty and employees. The University of Colorado’s School of Education and Human Development has both undergraduate and master’s degree programs with subjects of Counseling, Early Childhood Education, Educational Psychology, Information and Learning Technologies, Special Education, Secondary Teacher Education, and Principal and School Leadership.