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Studies & Degrees in Latino Studies

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The Latino Studies program is an interdisciplinary field of study about the experiences of people of Hispanic ancestry in the United States. Drawing upon the humanities and social sciences, Latino Studies looks into the history, culture, politics, issues and experiences of the Hispanic people. Moreover, this study deals with the historical, cultural, and social experiences of the Latino communities with a touch of transnational dimensions of the Latino life in the United States. The US Latino history can be divided into those of the Chicano, Puerto Rican, and Cuban history and their way of life in the foreign land. Subjects such as sociology, history, political science, religious studies, gender studies and literature are expected in the program.

There are a number of universities and colleges who are offering Latino Studies as an undergraduate as well as postgraduate program. Subject courses in Latino Studies may be divided into 3 categories: Literature, Media and Culture; History, Politics and Society; and Race, Gender and Sexuality. Under the group of Literature, Media and Culture, course subjects include: Latino Culture; US Latino and Latina Culture; The Chicano Experience; Contemporary US Latino Literature; Latino Literature; Latino Folklore; Hispanic Theatre Production; Latino Language, Ideology and Practice; Latino Media in the US; and Writing Latino Chicago. Under the group of History, Politics and Society, course subjects include: Mexican and Latin American Migration; Mexican and American History; Hispanics in the United States; Latino Social Movements; Issues in Latino Education; and History of the American West. Lastly, under the group of Race, Gender and Sexuality, course subjects include: US Racial and Ethnical Policies; Gender and Sexuality in Latino Literature; US Latina Literature and Iconography; Race and Cultural Diversity; Race, Sex and Deviance; Chicanos and Latinos in the US; and Constructing Race in America.

In general, students whose major are in the Latino Studies learn everything about the Latinos and Latinas in the United States. Moreover, there other course subjects that the Latino Studies program offers that are also related to the study of the Latinos in the US. Other course subjects include: Asian Americans and the Third World Movements; Multicultural Issues in Education; Transnational Latinos and the United States; Immigrant Nations; the World Music – Africa and the Americas; and Research Strategies in Latino Studies.

Students who majored in the Latino Studies program may choose a career path straight into the academic field. Latino Studies graduates can choose to be employed in schools, colleges and/or universities as professors or lecturers and teach Latino Studies and everything about it – history, literature, sociology, gender and culture studies and the like. Others may also pursue their careers in the field of research for private companies and firms who are inclined with the study of Latinos and Latinas in the US and in the world. Latino Studies graduates can work in museums, galleries, libraries, and cultural organizations and institutions where their expertise in Latino Studies will be utilized in its full capacity. Moreover, other graduates may also continue studying in graduate school and pursue graduate programs related to Latino Studies.