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Renaissance Studies is widely known as another arterial branch of history that is considered as humanity’s turning point regarding its current civilization, particularly the revolution of the known arts, sciences and the field of medicine. It was also the point in time of history where revolutionary perspectives regarding human philosophy were introduced by names such as Niccolo Machiavelli, Huldrych Zwingli and of course Martin Luther.

Now, as in all courses, one would always start with the basics, particularly its history. In the early stages of the study the students would be introduced to Giotto di Bondone the father of the renaissance. At this particular stage of the study the students would be basically immersed in his work and his contribution that lead to the birth of the Renaissance particularly for his joined essays and writing with the renowned painter Michael Angelo. Bondone’s works as an architect literally paved the way in deviating from the medieval gothic style of structures, and as a quick fact he is also the one who came up with the concept of romantic love, so if ever your love life isn’t working out too well, he’s the guy to blame because he was the one who came up with it in the first place.

The study of the Renaissance is probably the branch of history with the widest scope and perspective when it comes to the variety in its subject area. For example the middle ages didn’t exactly present or hold that much interest since records are mostly unavailable which is why it was practically known as the Dark Ages. Plus the interest of the people during those times at least in Europe was considered to be too tied in to Christianity, writing and rewriting the bible by candle light was all the rage. That is why after the preliminary study of the historical origins and aspects of the renaissance they would be given the choice of mastering or concentrating in particular subject areas regarding particular concept of ventures regarding the renaissance.

The basic branches of Renaissance Studies would be the renaissance’s art forms, philosophy, theology, science and politics. But of course these subjects are only the tip of the iceberg since the renaissance is also known as the human intellectual revolution because the grasp of the Catholic Church was currently being challenged by Martin Luther, ergo previous limits and restrictions were all broken. This means that human expression have reached a peak that was impossible before due to the restrictions imposed by the Catholic Church. It sums up that the limit of what was in the renaissance was too broad to be studied and mastered in general. That is why the students would literally be forced to only master and concentrate in some specific areas. Most prefer art especially for aspiring artists, because it would give one the chance in probing for the secrets of the masters, Michael Angelo, Donatello, Rafael and of course Dan Brown’s favorite; Leonardo.