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Caring for the feet professionally first existed in Egypt and is believed to have been a part of their ritual ever since 2400 BC. Hippocrates had even described corns and calluses and suggested that there is a need to remove those hard skins on our feet. Before in the early 1900s, podiatry has been known in the United States. There have been many institutions that were established following this discipline. Their main goal is to improve the health of the feet and ankles of all the individuals in the world. Often, those who will be studying this area should obtain a four year undergraduate degree so that they can go to an accredited medical school and take up a four year course. By definition, podiatry refers to the study, treatment and diagnosis of the common or rare diseases of the ankle, lower leg and foot.

In the United States, a podiatrist is often called a DPM or a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. In other parts of the world including the United Kingdom, a podiatrist is also known as a chiropodist. Most of the time those who want to pursue a Podiatry degree should be able to pass the Medical College Admission Test provided by the school of their choice. Many potential students find it hard to search for a school that offers this subject area but now, they can avail of this program through the use of the Internet. As a matter of fact, there is no need to worry because if one will compare the standards of the degree of Podiatry in a school setting to the ones that are being acquired online, they are almost equal.

The American Podiatric Medical Association or APMA is the one responsible for giving accreditation to different schools in the United States. In some cases, the organization provides scholarship programs for those students that deserve this and in return they should be able to help other people become aware of the several diseases when it comes to foot and other parts of the leg. Annually, there are more than 130 students that benefit from this program.

For the third or fourth year students that are currently studying at the accredited schools, some of them will be selected and sponsored by the College Scholarship and Student Loan Committee. The chosen ones are picked based on relevant factors such as classroom performance, involvement in the podiatric community, their financial status as well as their leadership qualities.

The different areas included when you study Podiatry are Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI, Ultrasound Examinations that are being conducted for the ankles and the feet, EMG or Electromyography and NCV Nerve Conduction Velocity. In addition, you will also be taught on how you can perform and use those computerized scanners on the foot. You can also obtain these when you study and take up Podiatry online.

There are several approaches and disciplines associated with Podiatry and they all depend on what country you will be taking up the said degree.

Job positions for Podiatry:

Orthotic TechnicianDoctor of Podiatric Medicine

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