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Are you passionate about creating videos or producing films? Do you aim to work at a movie or entertainment industry? Perhaps you are aware that people behind and front of the film industry are earning reasonable amounts? If you desire to include yourself in such industry it is important that you have a degree in video or film.

The perfect graduate of a degree in Video would be fanatical about the field, creative, detail oriented, hands-on, and logically minded. Students would experience operating cameras, employing editing software, and toiling on practically on each aspect of the course.

After four semesters of practical training and video making, learners will boast portfolio pieces and an affluence of wide knowledge in the industry of film and video. Then, they can leap into the labor force and select a position. This position may include cartoonists, audio engineers, directors, grips, camera operators, managers and editors.

Needed Courses:

You might be needed to obtain and take enjoyable and demanding courses like: Video productions, Production Management and Technology, Lights and Grips, 16mm Productions, Script Writing, Video Post Production, Digital Effects for Post Productions, DVD Authoring, Motion Graphics for the Internet, Documentary Production, Video Streaming for the Internet and Audio Engineering.

Skills Acquired:

Students of Video degree courses will sharpen their critical views and problems solving capabilities, know how to choose the proper tools for the proper jobs, know how to wisely use time, maneuver machines, troubleshoot devices and be a successful team player in the industry of video or film.

Also, after earning the college degree for video or film, students will prepare to carry out whatever they have learned from the course. Their newly enhance skills will involve:

  • Designing video or film productions
  • Employing editing as well as streaming knowledge
  • Computer animation strategies
  • Fundamental business skills
  • Blending imagination and technical proficiencies

Why earn a degree on Video?

Have an access into an exciting, creative and productive industry. Most employers anticipate that their crews have a basic skill in Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro and Avid before getting an admission to the labor force. The most proficient videographers have been educated in audio, direction, editing and lighting prior to choosing a specialty. With the degree in Video or Film, students will achieve a solid foundation of knowledge that will offer them the ability to compete in such highly aggressive market.

Salary Facts:

As said by the report United States Bureau of labor Statistics of 2004, the median wage for business professionals was $21.51 in an average hourly rate with $44,570 in a year. Generally, unionized employees earn a huge wage compare to the non-union workforce.

Economic View and Development of the Video Industry:

The market for video and film jobs is anticipated to improve at a standard rate (from 10% to 20%) to incorporate 8,000 new employees by the year 2014. Creative positions such as actors, producers and directors are drenched however there would be an escalating demand for behind the cameras, camera operators, skilled animators, audio engineers and light technician.

Job positions for Video:

Video EditorVideographer

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