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Fashion refers to the vogue, styles and way of life at a particular age group. The term “fashion” in its most usual usage illustrates the looks or forms of clothing. It is also used in an affirmative meaning and the equivalent words for fashion are beauty, style, and glamour. In that case, fashions are a kind of collective art in which a society scrutinize its concepts of goodness and beauty.

The following are cities where designers display their new garments collections to spectators: London, Milan, New York and Paris. The said cities are known for its fashion weeks and famous as international fashion centers. Other cities that also have fashion weeks and recognized for its improvement yearly include Amsterdam, Auckland, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Montreal, Moscow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Rome, São Paulo, San Juan, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Turin and Vienna.

Fashion as a public trend is usual. It has been recognized in particular field such as body types (cosmetics, costume or clothing, personal grooming, personal trimming and hairstyle), entertainment (games, sports and other hobbies), hospitality business (designer made uniforms for casino, hotel, club, restaurants in order to reveal a product), music and dance, arts and crafts, architecture (landscape and interior design), management styles, politics and media, social network, technology and etiquette. Among these fields, the most associated in the public eye is the clothing. Marie Antoinette is the fashion public icon in the 18th century and Princess Diana in the 20th century.

Fashions may change into a large extent within a society pertaining to social class, profession, generation, age and geography. The word “fashionista” refers to a person who absolutely follows the latest fashions. Recessionista is a mixture of the terms recession and fashionista. Recessionista is a new word that derived from United States of America all through the financial problems of 2008, which perhaps refer to someone who make an effort to stay fashionable on a smallest amount of budget.

Fashion journalism is a significant part of fashion. The editorial assesses critically and comments can be obtained on television, social networks, newspapers, magazines, fashion websites and fashion blogs. Fashion magazines in the early 20th century start to encompass photographs and turn out to be more dominant than in the earlier period. These magazines had a deep effect on public taste and absolutely recognized all over the world. The artistic illustrators prepare a lovely fashion plate for the magazines which covered the latest developments in exquisiteness and fashion. La Gazette du Bon Ton was probably the most recognized which was found by Lucien Vogel in 1912 and consistently published until 1925. In United States, Vogue is the most successful and the oldest running fashion magazine which was found in 1902.

Television exposure started in the 1950s by a small portion of fashion features. The fashion segments on a variety of entertainment shows turn into more frequent in 1960s and fashion shows began to come out in 1980s. In spite of television and rising internet exposure, press coverage is still the most significant form of advertising in the fashion industry.

Other fashion profession opportunities include fashion writers and editors (media outlets such as magazines, web sites and newspapers), fashion illustrator, stylist and photographer, graphic designer (employed by fashion magazine, advertising agency and graphic design firm), fashion coordinator (magazines, department stores, design houses and organizing fashion parades), fashion public relation specialist (advertising or media coverage), fashion model, costume designer (employed by film, TV and theater productions), personal stylish (private clients and department stores), fashion buyer or merchandiser (booked by boutiques, salons, department stores and import/export firms), visual merchandiser (working in areas where the accessories and clothes are promoted and displayed), retail merchandiser (employed by department and retail store) and fashion sales representative.

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