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Studies & Degrees in Interactive Design

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The realization of an Interactive Design career is the development brought about by the adjustments people make in their lives. Almost everybody these days are eager to have the newest technology in his hand. Hence, every company strives to have the best product in the country which will be talked about by customers. What is exciting as an Interactive designer is to see the result of his work change the lifestyle and behavior of the users to have an interaction with the product in his possession.

Interactive designers are the people behind the advances in technology today. They are the backbones of those products being idolized by customers. They conceptualize ideas to come up with the most beautiful, the newest, and unique gadgets of any form to meet people’s need and satisfaction. In fact, products today which act as mediator between people in their communication to bring them closer to each other are the output of Interactive Design. Most noticeably is the case of computers where before it is only used for encoding, gaming and professionals in this field. However, today it can be used as a communication medium not only as the mediator but there is interaction of the user and the computer itself. It is compulsory for an Interactive designer then to assemble products which are client centered yet keeping a balance between the goals of the company to be in business.

This field of endeavor is a young multidisciplinary study nevertheless it is making a name in the industry and being considered to surge in the years to come. However, to be considered into its doors, a bachelor’s degree is needed coupled with trainings and internships. In some occasions, an associate degree can suffice. Yet still other companies require additional knowledge in arts, graphic and a course in psychology, sociology, cultural studies and others. Communicating ideas visually, in writing and verbally is another asset hiring employers look into applicants.

To be successful in this career, one has to be innovative and technology knowledgeable. Being creative does not mean it should be big instead it should be enough to create something different in the customer’s well being especially in his interaction with the product. Keeping yourself abreast with how people live and what they need makes an edge with your rivals in the industry. The chief factor to consider in this field is the quality of the product. It is a necessity for a designer to know how the customer’s mood towards the newly introduced gadget in terms of how they feel, hear and see. This is to know what to improve to be the future’s design to keep pace with the society’s dynamic changes.

Obtaining a job in this field is surprisingly not the title as an Interactive Designer but as Junior Web Designer, Junior DVD author, Junior Information Architect and others. It seems far from being an Interactive designer but that is how a graduate begins her career in this field. Being an Interactive Designer can be self employed and can work in a company. It all depends on one’s preference. This job is among those with good remuneration of about $70,000 a year in the US and some part of Europe.