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Textile design is a manner of creating designs for knitted and printed clothes. Designs for both printed textiles and woven often start with a sketch or drawing of the done or completed design. Sketches of woven textile patterns normally were transformed onto particular forms of graph paper named point papers which were utilized by the weavers in arranging their looms or textile machine. Most specialist or experts in designing textile usually use the computer-aided design software to produce specifically the above function.

India is one of the top sources for fabrics and textiles. As a matter of fact, no other country can equalize or level the depth, spread, size and competitiveness of the Indian clothes and textile industry. Furthermore, the worldwide elimination of trade barrier has improved the chances for sourcing from India.

Textile design demand special skills to make or produce innovative designs. The required skills are technical ability, creativity skills, marketing knowledge of textile industry, research and data handling, vital or decisive assessment and interpretation of materials, and ability in decision making. The primary part of textile designing implies the designing fabrics by utilizing the different method consisting of weaving, tracing embroidery, print technique, color detailing and decorating fabrics. The basic or work activities in textile design includes forming sets of samples design, coordinating with customers to plan and enhance designs, experimenting with fabric, texture and colors, visualizing new ground-breaking designs, attending regularly in trade exhibit and sustaining with coming out fashion trends.

A textile design studio consist of textile designers and functional with computers and design programs or software to give quality service and sustain professional standards. The studio design products contain floor covering, table linens, bed linens, curtains and pillows, etc. A design studio finally offers products for rummage sale to high status or prominent customers from throughout the world.

The required education in textile design is a bachelor degree. The required education in textile is dependent on person’s point of view and desire to achieve within this varied field. Line of work in production which operates and control by machine operators, dyers, patternmakers, quality inspectors and supervisor has a minimal or least educational requirements. Taking part or involvement in internships of a textile education program in few years is a useful way to determine what field of expertise within the textiles area a person desires to work and find out their required degree of education for employment. The first network for textile directors, contributors, teachers, directors and businesses countrywide is the Textile Society of America, Inc.; it releases a list of credited and recognized textile education programs on its internet site.

If the nature of the job is Business administration, it includes marketing, buying and distributing textiles, operations and logistics administration and supply chain. The said professions would demand either a bachelor's degree or a master's degree. Other occupations that are technological in nature, for instance artificial textiles development in engineering and chemistry are necessitate a graduate-degree education, whereas doctorate is needed for those concerned in research and development.

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