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Are you in a dilemma as to what course you are to take? Consider Applied Business Management. This is designed for students who desire to study for a business course that integrates the knowledge of managing business with applied natural sciences. Whether you envisioned embarking in big cities like New York, London or working for a booming company in your locality, considering Applied Business Management degree is the right choice for you.

Applied Business Management requires a minimum of 6 grade 12 courses with 65% average, including 3 required university level courses. Grade 12 English and grade 12 math either geometry and discreet mathematics or advance function and at least 1 grade 12 U or M course from one of the following disciplines; work studies, classical studies, international language, French as a second language, social science and business studies are an additional entry requirements. Seemingly, the course has many subject requisites. This is because it entails managerial position where graduates are expected to be articulate and efficient in the delivery of their functions.

Just as exciting is the fact that the course requires participants to work in groups to accomplish their project. Students are fed with simulation of actual situations in this field to let them come up with solutions to the problems facing managers in their actual work. This builds their abilities in problem solving and become confident on what they can do when confronted with the same predicaments. As training progresses, the participants will come to realize the importance of problem solving and decision making in challenging situations. What is impressive here too is their ability to apply what they have learned in their training to their real life situation and not only to their future calling as a manager.

Since multitasking is expected for a manager, incoming students will have to be trained in written and oral communication skills as wells as other managerial expertise. Knowledge in accounting, e-commerce, liberal arts courses, including natural sciences are as vital as the other requisites as they deal with different people differing in personalities. Further, students who are given the option to specialize in marketing, entrepreneurship, and general business management prove to be advantageous over the others. Internship is yet considered as essential contributory factor in the success of becoming a Business Manager.

Employment outlook for graduates of Applied Business Management is believed to be promising as there are many options one can choose. It may be in the field of hospitality, business management, tourism and many other managerial options. However, graduates of this course with exceptional leadership skill who can give clear instructions, can organize his team, and who can manage to complete variety of jobs assigned have an edge over the others when applying for a job, thus it is essential for one to learn the skills as companies consider it an asset to them. They believed that applicants with such ability are recognized as someone who can deal effectively with other business partners at an international level.