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Studies & Degrees in Telecom & Digital Business

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The United States

Telecom & Digital Business is a special program that focuses on designing marketing strategies and innovations companies need to make in order to prosper in today’s digital convergence of IT, media, and telecom industries. Most universities that offer this program allow students to experience residence in Silicon Valley which is the United States’ leading high-tech hub where leading engineers and silicon chip innovators and manufacturers can be found. This program is also supported by a huge number of companies that have made their mark in the global technology industry such as Accenture, Cisco, Nokia, and Telefónica.

Residence in Silicon Valley will teach students who are taking this program and who want to be successful in the ICT industry the right way to observe, compare, and build practices on a global scale. They will also learn how to analyze the potential and limitation of an information and communication technology by using a new web 2.0 environment.

Technical know-how is not the only thing students will learn in this program but business management as well. They will learn how to manage a company, more specifically a company that deals with many scenarios of the digital economy. They will also have to learn how to manage and use the necessary knowledge needed for companies to create advantages in the competition. Making business models such as new channels for distributions and marketing and communication for companies with digital tools will also be taught in this program. Students will also have to take other courses such as legal issues, management of innovation process, industry analysis models, marketing management in ICT and media companies, foundations of the convergence process, finance and economics, entrepreneurship, and, finally, internship.

This course is often offered as a post-graduate program for students who have excellent background in Information and Communication Technology. Students who successfully finish this 13-month long program will develop a global vision of business and ICT convergence that is becoming one of the major industries all over the world. They will also gain the necessary technical competency to meet the different challenges of the market, and skills in marketing, operations, information systems, and technology. They will also gain a deeper understanding of the technologies used in this industry, as well as knowledge on how to respond, with innovative products and services, to the increasing demand of the market. Because this is more a managerial program, students will develop their general management and personal skills which will help them in building their contacts within the industry and widening their professional horizon.

Choices for career paths to follow are not limited for graduates of Telecom & Digital Business, not only because of their technical advantage in using high-tech products, but also their marketing and management capabilities. Graduates can find job opportunities in companies that deal with Marketing & Business Development, Information & Communication Technology, Media, Entertainment, Investment Management in ICT industry, IT and Business Consulting, and Digital Business.