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Studies & Degrees in Oncology

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The field of study which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer is Oncology. Oncology came from the Greek word which means “bulk” or “mass” which refers to tumors. The doctors who specialize in the study of Oncology are known as oncologists.

The primary role of oncologists is to deliver explanation on cancer diagnosis as well as explaining the processes and stages of the disease. They facilitate the discussion regarding the options for treatment and they recommend what is the best option for cancer treatment giving high regard in ensuring quality of life and optimal care. They also take responsibility in heading the coordination of overall care for the patients starting from counseling, physiotherapy, analgesic care and to management of pain and symptoms. The most essential part of the oncologist’s role is to follow up the patients who have been successfully treated. Early cancer diagnosis in terms of recurrence is the key to effective survival and prolonging life.

The field of Oncology involves a wide scope of study. In view of the fact that cancer can transpire in almost all the entire body systems, a number of doctors opt to take specialization in particular branches of this field, namely blood diseases or cancer of the bone. There are also doctors specializing on chemotherapy treatments, on the other hand there are doctors whose specialization is on radiation therapy. Majority of the doctors who are in the field of Oncology are connected to residencies and internships which main focus is cancer treatment, which is usually connoted as a branch of therapy, oncologists usually serve for a period of four years ahead of their normal period of residency.

Oncology’s main focus is cancer research which scopes the causes and possible treatment. It is also an open field for diverse opportunities in research. Up to date, oncologists are steadfastly looking for ways in order to treat all cancer of humans.

As years passed by, the field of Oncology has gone a long way from the time when the early surgeons are able to only remove tumors with the most primordial ways. The field rose onward toward advancement and even 25 years ago, with the vast improvements in terms of diagnosis, treatment and cancer prevention, the field has evolved significantly. Doctors all agree that early cancer detection as well as prevention can be an effective means of dealing with cancer; Oncology also involves this aspect of medicine. Early cancer detection includes exams such as mammograms for breast cancer and pap smear for cervical cancer diagnosis. The field of Oncology has also experienced a lot of failures but at the same time it has also shown remarkable successful endeavors in the fight against cancer.

Oncology is divided to different areas of specializations, namely gynecological oncology which covers the diagnosis and cancer treatments for the reproductive organs of females. Another area is medical oncology which uses the medical chemotherapy for all cancer types. There is also pediatric oncology which focuses on the diagnosis and cancer treatments of children. Radiation oncology on the other hand is all about the use of radiation treatment of cancer and lastly is surgical oncology which involves surgeries which includes tumor removal and biopsies.