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Why Brazil has become a focus of a program of study in many institutions of learning can be explained by the following facts: (a) It is the largest country in South America, and the 5th largest country in the world by both land area of 3,287,597 sq. miles (8,514,877 sq. km.), and population of 190,732,694 as of 2010, (b) It is the only Portuguese-speaking country in the Americas, and the largest lusophone or Portuguese language-speaking country in the world, (c) It was colonized by Portugal, a much smaller country, and (d) It is the world’s 3rd largest producer of aircrafts. A country guide can provide you with more information about the country quickly but probably not as thorough and comprehensive as those you will gain engaging in a real study of Brazil they call Brazilian Studies in formal educational institutions.

The Brown University in Providence in Rhode Island, United States, has established a Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies dedicated to research and teaching of subjects related to Portuguese-speaking countries led by Brazil, that include the immigrant communities in the U.S. The Department offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, with the undergraduate courses focused on the Portuguese on the Portuguese-speaking world, and grouped under Language and Literature and Interdisciplinary areas. The graduate degree programs lead to a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, and to a Master’s degree in Brazilian Studies, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, and in Portuguese Bilingual Education and Cross Cultural Studies.

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) has been established in the U.S. apparently to run Brazilian Studies programs in major American universities. Some of these universities are the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, Georgetown University in Washington DC, and the University of Chicago in Chicago. The Brazilian Studies program at the University of Pittsburgh promotes Brazilian scholarships in the American state among the faculty members and students who are conducting research or programs and activities about Brazil. The CLAS also sponsors seminars about Brazil’s culture, economy, geography, politics and history at the University before getting on a 6-week study trip to Brazil. The Georgetown University also offers a CLAS-established Brazilian Studies program for both undergraduate and graduate students to promote a greater understanding of the history, politics, society, culture, economy and environment of the biggest South American country. A certificate program in Latin American Studies is also offered for students majoring in Brazilian Studies. The CLAS has a newly opened program in Brazilian Studies at the University of Chicago in recognition of the importance of Brazilian culture, language and history to the rest of the world. Included under the program are workshops and conferences organized by the University to advance the knowledge about the country.

For its part, Brazil runs a Study Abroad program offered by 29 organizations in the northern and southern regions, especially in the major cities of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. The major areas of study in the program include Brazilian Race and Higher Education, touching on the country’s higher education system, which is the largest in Latin America, and Brazilian economy, language and culture.