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Studies & Degrees in Pre-Law

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Pre-law is actually any field of study that an undergraduate must complete before going taking up law. This course which may take from three to four years is just the start of the journey to become a lawyer. Choosing the field of discipline is very critical. The student must take into account that the pre-law course taken can help his or her study of the law. In the United States, the American Bar Association's minimum requirement for entry to law school is a bachelor's degree from any field of discipline. This means that any holder of a Bachelor of Arts or Science and even Master's and doctorate holders are qualified. Of course some schools may have their own requirements.

The pre-law course you are taking should provide the necessary skills and knowledge that can be use in law school. These may include skills in analysis and problem solving. You can take courses that can help you develop your critical thinking about matters like your opinions on politics and current events. When you engaged in debates, it is important that you can defend your arguments whether it’s for or against proposition. Critical reading ability will served you well. Law students will have to read and understand legal provisions, judicial opinions and other important documents. Writing skills is an important tool. If you already have the fundamental writing skills you will not much have difficulty in your studies of law. Oral communication and listening ability is one of the most important tools. Lawyers must be able to express their thoughts clearly and concisely. Seek an undergraduate course that can that can develop your speaking and listening skills. Engaging in debates, making formal presentations in class or speaking before a group are just a few ways to develop these skills.

People in the legal profession spend a lot of their time doing research, so having at least some research skills would be good. In the study and practice of law, large amount information needs to be managed. Task and objectives should be organized according to priority. To have some task organization and management skills is worth acquiring.

Aside from these skills mentioned, having some basic knowledge in other fields can also assist during one’s legal education. Some of these other knowledge or skills include, having a deep understanding of your country’s history, including the social, political, economic and cultural factors that led to the development of the society as a whole. Some basic knowledge in mathematics, finances, human behavior and social interaction could go a long way. One should also be aware and get to know the different cultures, institutions and current events inside and outside the country.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the legal profession is a calling. The ultimate objective of its members is to render competent, honest and responsible service while at the same time to seek improvement in the fairness and quality of justice in the legal system.

Some of these pre-law courses can be accounting, anthropology, economics, history, mathematics, psychology, sociology or any course of interest to you.